Spiderman 2 (the review)

Although a little cops and robbers can go a long way with me, the story behind Spiderman 2's terrific action scenes kept me captivated the entire length of the movie.   Hang-on-to-your-seat expeditions, laugh-out-loud humor, tender true love and devotion, incredible sci-fi inventions, sensitive self-awareness, actualities of aging, and general all round entertainment are brilliantly combined in this Marvel Comic episode to appeal to multiple generations of viewers.  While I am a total newcomer to Spiderman, I came away completely contented by a job well done.

Peter Parker/Spiderman could personify each of us individually as we identify with the basic struggles in the web of life - outwardly and inwardly.  Underlying his capers was an examination of his own beingness that paralleled that of many of the other characters, also.  Each discovered that his own perception of his "web" as a trap or a safety net primarily depends on the choices he makes, and as the truth prevails the hero inside emerges.

The talents of the entire cast and crew of Spiderman 2 sparkle as beautifully as the dew on a spider's web in the early morning sun.  In its own right this film excels in presenting the satisfying sequel of a lovable action hero and yet leaves the viewer with the promise and suspense of another episode of good versus evil in a third Spiderman.

The night out to see Spiderman 2 delighted and uplifted me.  My recommendation is to definitely sit back and see this year's superb serial of the well-known action hero Spiderman.  I just wonder if the hero in me makes me a Spiderman, too!

List of cast and credits:
TOBEY MAGUIRE (Peter Parker/Spider-Man)
KIRSTEN DUNST (Mary Jane Watson)
ALFRED MOLINA (Dr. Octavius)
JAMES FRANCO (Harry Osborn)
J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jameson)


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