Richard Gant - A Man of a Certain Age

“It must be illegal to have so much fun and to enjoy life so much,” said actor Richard Gant, as we toured the set for his new  Ray Romono dramady, Men of a Certain Age.  The role of Owen, Sr., an erudite, self confident former basketball star, suits Richard perfectly.  Here is he found giving advice to his son Owen, Jr( Andre Braugher). 

Men of a Certain Age: Richard Gant, Andre Braugher and Brian J White (Marcus)

Along with his other two friends, Joe ( Ray Romano) and Elliot ( Scott Bakula), Owen Jr must navigate his life, constantly seeking the advice and support of his father who isn’t at all sure that his son can achieve and take over the car dealership.  While some people think Men of a Certain Age applies to Richard’s character, it really applies to the mid life struggles of these three friends.  Richard classifies this new program as a dramady because there’s a lot of drama but there is Ray Romono’s comedy, as well.  Richard is thrilled to be part of the cast.  

Born in San Francisco and raised in the creative culture of Berkeley, Richard always knew that he was an actor.  “I’ll always be an actor.  I will die on stage.  It’s in my blood and I love everything to do with acting and  performing.” He even does some writing, too, and has several projects out at HBO, including one of the Somali pirates.  

Attending Cal State at Hayward, the actor majored in speech and drama and thought that he would go into teaching.  He did so, but then the urge to travel took over and in New York, he joined the Harlem 127th St. Repertory Ensemble.  From then it was theatre 24/7.  

Despite this, he managed to serve as the artistic director of Buffalo’s Paul Robeson Theatre and then became the administrative director for the Afro American Theatre.   

Men of a Certain Age : Richard Gant as Owen Sr and Andre Braugher as Owen

Coming out to Los Angeles with Rocky V, Richard got bitten by the film bug.  Although he still loves theatre much of his acting time is taken up in over 100 films and television  appearances such as Daddy Day Care, Norbit,, Hood of Horror, Layla’s Girl, Kingdom Come, Professor II-= The Klumps, Deadwood, The Big Lebowski, Johnny B Good, Jason Goes to Hell, Suspect and Night of the Juggler.  As a voice actor, he has been popular narrator.

Men of a Certain Age: Richard Gant -

Not content to rest on his glory, Richard feels that he must give back to his community and he helped found the Pan Africanist – a global networking group for black artists, actors and filmmakers.  In addition, Richard is active in In And Out – a group of writers who go into the juvenile system and teach the children there how to express their feelings and to get out of their own way to become successful in their lives.  

Men of a Certain Age will premiere on TNT, December 7th 2009.  I’m looking forward to that first show.  

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