Hollywood Goes to Upper Manhattan: Punch TV a New Concept in Television

Punch TV: Upper Manhattan

With the fresh ocean air welcoming those on Highland Ave, in Manhattan Beach is also the new establishment Upper Manhattan.  Devised by Michael Quagletti, owner, he saw it as a place that the Westwood crowd could come and get away to a Vegas like atmosphere where people enjoy getting dressed up.  The old world elegance, straight from many of the Las Vegas notables, offers marble tables and granite bars, a moving band and DJ.  Geared for the 25-60 crowd,  this little jewel plans on becoming a key feature in one night getaway packages.  Michael is busy working with various hotels to make the nightclub a stopping point where people can relax, enjoy and feel the healing powers of the ocean.  

On Wednesday night, November 11, 2009,  Upper Manhattan was pleased to be picked for the opening gala of the new network, Punch TV.  Punch TV’s long term objective is to be the voice of family oriented media.  Developing, producing and distributing entertainment content via satellite television, syndication and other media channels.  

Punch TV - Joseph Collins

Sheparded by Joseph Collins, it’s CEO, he hopes to pay homage to all women, especially single women like his mother who raised him to be safe and sane, despite growing up in the gang land of South Central.  

Punch TV - Karen Landis

Many of the programs on the new station are devoted to helping cope with every day struggles as Delphine Phine Williams “Ladies Day.”  Hosted such experienced women by Margi Blash, Karen Lascuris, and Yomary Cruz, Ladies Day will be the View only with real people and not just celebrities.  

Punch TV: Producers Michael Amir and Roman Johnson

Another interesting side of the program is anti gang.  Produced by Lorenzo Murphy, the Gang Survival and Gang Make Over looks to be something that real folks can sink their teeth into.  It’s hard to imagine what life on the streets is like when you fear every moment and when you want to get out of something but have no power to do so.  Assisted by Ricky Ross, a former gang member, as well, Lorenzo will take sixteen boys and help to remake their lives.  “We can change the world, one child at a time. Without the challenges of life, we can’t go on to the next level.”  

Punch Tv - Debra Hayter, publicist; Joseph Collins, and Michael Quangetti, owner of Upper Manhattan

Among those on hand were actresses Robin Cho and Joy Chung, whose life has been turned into a screenplay." Dr. and Mrs. Marian Stokes were there to introduce their granddaughter Tiffany, who recently decided to become a stylist working in film and television.
Other celebrities that night were Sheyna Gee, who often opens for Stevie Wonder, Alexandra Keller, Antonio Charity, Tige Charity, Fernando Duran,  Gregg Eagles, DiMarco Chandler, Roman Johnson and Michael Amir (producers) , Julie Spirce (the Perils of Cyber Dating ), Basil McCurry (comedian) , Freddy Robinson, Ray Ephraim, and Dallas Mallory (actor and body builder.)  

Punch TV: Dallas Mallory and Joseph Collins

Punch TV will have it’s new offices in Garden Grove and together with his crew and the ministers on his station, Joseph hopes to change the face of television with life changing, inspirational programs to be broadcast through out the world.  

For more information on Punch go to [email protected]

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