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Over Her Dead Body Movie Review

By Lawrence Davis

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Making romantic ghost story movies is a bit tricky calling for charming performances, a light touch, and an inspired imagination all of which are missing from the disappointingly bland and boring romantic comedy " Over Her Dead Body," starring Eva Longoria Parker.

The film's only quality, is Paul Rudd, who has some good moments and funny lines, but he is stuck in a comedy that lacks the originality and excitement of his previous films, " Knocked Up," " The 40 Year Old Virgin," both directed by Judd Apathow.

Over Her Dead Body

Unfortunately, every element in " Over Her Dead Body" is cliché and flat, and way below the conventions of the above "spirit" romances and/or comedies. Take, for instance, the title, which is meant to be modern and funny.

Henry's new love

Longoria Parker plays Kate, a demanding and controlling woman who obsesses over every little detail. When the story begins, she is about to be married to Henry ( Paul Rudd), an easy-going veterinarian, who's somehow able to calm Kate down during the preparations of their wedding. Even though there is not much evidence of on screen, the script wants us to believe that Kate and Henry are perfect for each other.

The Catfight

On Kate’s wedding day, in her obsessive attempt to make everything perfect, Kate is accidentally killed by a falling ice sculpture of an angel. Henry is traumatized by the news, obviously. A full year later, when he's still depressed and unable to move on with life, Henry's sister Chloe ( Lindsay Sloane) convinces him to ask for permission from Kate's spirit to start a new life.

Eva Longoria Parker

Chloe resorts to strategies to help her brother move on with his life, like stealing Kate's diary from Henry and giving it to Ashley, who then uses the journal's un-useful information, while pretending to communicate with Kate's ghost.

Also predictably, Henry and Ashley fall in love, failing to realize that Kate is very much around—and still in control. when she reveals herself as a disgruntled, possessive ghost. Since Ashley is the only person who can communicate with Kate, the saga switches to jealous competition between two femmes fighting for the same man.

In the hands of a more skillful writer and inventive director, " Over Her Dead Body" could have been a mildly amusing catfight about the immature battle between two desirable and desperate women for the love of one guy. But Jeff Lowell, whose claim to notoriety is scripting " John Tucker Must Die," makes an awkward, and greatly disappointing feature directorial debut that doesn't show any technical facility.

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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