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OUTFEST 2008 - Film Review Roundup

By Keisha7

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OUTFEST 2008 gave a strong showing of fine films this year. With so many films and so little time, here is a sampling of the selection audiences were treated to this year.


"Ready? OK!"


Ready? OK! is the story of a single mom and her efforts to raise her 10 year old son, who is obsessed with being a cheerleader. A great family friendly primer for parents of “artistic” children


"Ask Not"

Ask Not is the latest documentary by Johnny Symons that examines the failure and consequences of the Clinton solution to gays and lesbians openly serving in the military. Informative and extremely well crafted film.



Ciao is the bittersweet story of two strangers who met and bond after the death of a mutual friend.


"Hamlet 2"

Hamlet 2 is the irreverent look at one God awful actor’s attend to create a theater production worthy of saving the school theater department. Fans of South Park only need apply.


"Fashion Victims"

Fashion Victims is the German slapstick comedy a young gay man finds his first love with his father’s competitor in ladies retail fashions, while the mother of the house struggles with whether to leave.



XXY is the beautiful story of a young teenager on the cusp of puberty who must decide which gender s/he will live the rest of his/her life as. Argentia's official selection to the 2008 Adacemy Awards.


Rough & Ready Shorts


Rough & Ready Shorts is an unusual assortment of short films which explore everything from Zombies in the closet, to time travel to unedited, public sexual acts. Adult fair that intrigues and amuses.

"Clapham Junction"


Clapham Junction is a poignant, smart and often disturbing look at the muddled, intertwining lives of a group of gay men in South Clapham, England. The ensemble piece is incredibly well executed from script to performance to cinematography. It will make you cringe at just how small the world can be.

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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