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New Hope Manor Review - Hope for New Filmmakers

By Serita Stevens

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Having seen his work at the recent Cinema City International Film Festival, patron Suzanne DeLaurentiis of Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions who has made it her mission to give aspiring and upcoming filmmakers the chance to experience  and promote their craft, decided to give Danny LeGare  a shot at directing his new script, New Hope Manor.  She had given him the boundaries to write – one set and limited characters.  

New Hope Manor: Danny LeGare, Director

As a bartender, Danny often talked to his customers at the Elephant Bar where Stephen Hebert hung out.  Also an aspiring writer (and winner at the last Cinema City International Film Fest Screenwriting contest for his epic Letter to Amanda) would often sit and commiserate about the state of the industry.  In the process of writing the script, Danny would send bits and pieces to his new friend Stephen.  

New Hope Manor is a psychological thriller about a serial killer and young girls in a halfway house for delinquents.  

New Hope Manor: Stephen Hebert, Exec Producer and Amy Dolan

When the first draft was finished, Stephen walked back into the bar and told Danny that he wanted to produce the film.  Danny quickly made the introductions between Stephen and Suzanne and the production was on.  

As executive producer, Stephen helped with casting and now spends a lot of time on the set watching the filming and making sure that money is well spent.  Since filmmaking is a gamble, he is enthused that this, his first feature to be funded, is going so smoothly. That of course has a lot to do with the talents of Ms. DeLaurentiis who has done numerous independent productions. (Her most well known is 10th and Wolf.)  Being the EP, he plans to be heavily involved with the post production and marketing, as well.  

Eventually, Stephen hopes to fund some of his own productions with Suzanne guiding him. 

New Hope Manor: Nick Chinlund

The lead, Nick Chinlund, is a well known actor of both TV and film who started his career in New York.  He knew this was a role for him when Suzanne approached him. “I like characters that show the full complexity of the human emotion and that reflect things I am personally going through.  The emotional essence has to resonate with me.”  In preparing for his part, he not only studies dialogue but the way the character speaks, what they wear and of course, the subtext of what is being said beneath the dialogue. He recently shot a new pilot for ABC – Castle – and is appearing as a priest in a Sinner (opening this week)  He plans to one day produce one of his own scripts.  Perhaps Suzanne will help him in that.  

New Hope Manor: Ashley Barron

Vanessa Luberti, an ambassador at the Cinema City International Film Festival plays one of the girls as does her friend Ashley Barron and Laura Steiger.  All three are excited at working on this thriller especially since they both studied acting with Suzanne.  Vanessa will soon be off to Miami to film another movie, while Ashlee is doing a web series called King’s English.   

The film will probably be released in summer so be sure to check it out.  More information can be had at www.suzannedelaurentiisproductions.com

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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