“Moving McAllister” Movie Premiered; Followed By An After Party

Ben Gourley wrote, directed, and stared in "Moving McAllister"

The “Moving McAllister” Feature Film World Premiere After Party presented by First Independent Pictures, Magnolia Pictures, Jenn Laskey of RedLight Special Events, & Renata Lorenc of RULA PR was held tonight at the Shag Nightclub in Hollywood.  The after party immediately followed the premiere/screening of the on-the-road comedy that proves that a mismatched pair can find love in all the wrong places.

Renata Lorenc of RULA PR, Ben Gourley, with Makeup Designer Jerry Lopez with www.JerryLopez.net

With a release date of September 14, 2007, Moving McAllister, starring Ben Gourley, Mila Kunis, Jon Heder, Hubbel Palmer and Rutger Hauer and directed by Andrew Black, centers on Rick Robinson (Gourley), a lowly intern at a prestigious Miami law firm who dreams of becoming a partner one day.  With a mere four days to the bar exam, Rick finds himself strapped for time and eager to impress his boss Mr. Maxwell McAllister (Rutger Hauer),  in hopes of making his dreams at the firm come true.  In an attempt to do so he commits to the pricey favor of moving McAllister’s dearest possession across the country: his seductive, yet untouchable niece Michelle (Kunis).

LASplash Erika Gadson with Efren Ramirez

Rick ends up in a rundown truck headed to L.A. with his boss's possessions, his Hollywood-bound niece, and her pet pig. Amidst hitch-hikers, breakdowns, and assorted local yokels, Rick finds love, life and maybe himself in this trans-American road trip from hell.

This premiere event had a long celebrity guest list, as is to be expected with this kind of event, with guests including Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone/My Girl/Party Monster), Jason Mewes (Chasing Amy,/Clerks) and James Kyson Lee (Heroes on NBC) to name a few.  The red carpet sure was a busy one tonight, and guests were dressed with the intent to impress and mingle with friends while sipping on complimentary vodka 360 cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and moving to the musical stylings of DJ Backdraft.

At the after party we got to talk to Ben Gourley about his movie that he wrote, directed, and starred in. We asked him what it was like to sit back at the theater and see all his work from the movie seat. “I’ve been with the movie from the very, very start so when people ask me how I felt about it I’m just like I don't know. I actually can’t sit back and enjoy it. Here’s the thing, I wrote it as well so one of the best places to get feed back is in the actual screening. So during the screening I’m like they laughed at that, they didn’t laugh there. It’s hell. Just sitting there and waiting for things to happen.” I had to ask him as well what his little kid dream was like when you're filling out those third grade goals that hang on your fridge. “I wrote down president of the United States but what I wanted to be as a little kid was a rock star, I just didn’t know it. Still I want to be a rock star when I grow up. I think most actors want to be a rock star and I’m willing to say it... but I’ll admit I’ll never be a rock star.

The designer of Xubax functional neckwear, Bernt Kuhlmann, Efren Ramirez who played Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, and Bernt's wife

The event was sponsored by First Independent Pictures, Magnolia Home Entertainment, 360 vodka, Jerry Lopez Lipgloss, Star Media Press, Red Light Promotions, Xubaz scarfs, and Nutrisoda. We had some 360 vodka served with green tea that was amazing. We also got to see the Jerry Lopez lipgloss that has collagen peptides that plups up lips in action. We also go to check out the Xubaz scarfs which are handy, fashionable, and functional neckwear with a pocket to carry your items. We also ran into Shawn L Jenkins, the specialist who people call to get all the stars fit. Nutrisoda sponsors everything he does and also sponsored the party. Jenn Laskey of RedLight Public Relations was the one who planned the event and kindly invited us, she said it took a month for her to plan.

Little Larry myspace.com/littlelarry25, Ben Gourley , LASplash Erika, and Shawn from shawnlhxw.com

The First Independent Pictures Film “Moving McAllister” premiered Sept 10th and will be shown in theaters Friday Sept 14th in Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Salt Lake City. With an after party as hyped as this one was and a storyline to match,  I definitely don’t want to be caught missing it!

More about the movie: www.movingmcallisterthemovie.com

More About the sponsors of the after party:
First Independent Pictures www.firstindependentpictures.com
Magnolia Home Entertainment www.magpictures.com/ 
360 Vodka www.vodka360.com
Jerry Lopez Lipgloss www.jerrylopez.net
Star Media Press www.starmediapress.com
RedLight Promotions and Events www.redlightpromotions.com
Xubaz Scarfs www.xubaz.com
Nutrisoda www.nutrisoda.com

DJs for the after party

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