"Monsters vs. Aliens" Film Review - Saving the World One Laugh at a Time

(Los Angeles, CA) March 2009 – When an alien robot attacks Modesto, California, who you gonna call?


Ding… that answer is incorrect! In DreamWorks Animation SKG’s and Paramount Pictures’ “Monsters vs. Aliens,” Military General W.R. Monger (Kiefer Sutherland) convinces The President (Stephen Colbert) to enlist the secret government collection of Monsters to destroy the alien robot and save the world from Armageddon.

These monsters may look like an eclectic bunch, but they make one killer team

The heroic crew consists of the insect-headed genius, Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D. (Hugh Laurie); the half-ape, half-fish, fully grotesque creature, The Missing Link (Will Arnett); the sticky, slimy, indestructible gelatin blob, B.O.B. (Seth Rogen); the 350-foot silent-but-deadly caterpillar, Insectosaurus; and General Monger’s most recent capture – a suburban Cali gal, Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon), whose fate led her to a collision with a meteor of outer space junk on her wedding day. This mysterious waste material made Susan instantly grow to a ginormous height of 49-feet-11-inches, hence the government renamed her, Ginormica.

Will Arnett as The Missing Link (left) and Hugh Laurie as Dr. Cockroach (right)

(left to right) Reese Witherspoon as Susan Murphy / Ginormica, silent Insectosaurus and Seth Rogen as B.O.B.

On the forefront, “ Monsters vs. Aliens” is a comedic sci-fi action film; however, there are many underlying messages and lessons for children to learn: tolerance, courage, friendship and the importance of believing in yourself.

Susan begins as an everyday young woman and though her transformation into Ginormica puts her in the “ Monster” category when viewed by others, on the inside she still feels and thinks like Susan Murphy, soon to be the “other half” (in this case, it may be more appropriate to say “better half”) of Derek Dietl (Paul Rudd), an up-and-coming news reporter who would never dream of marrying anyone who doesn’t fit the “Stepford Wife” mold.

Derek and Susan sitting in a tree... first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...

With General Monger thrusting the world’s future into the hands of the Monster gang, Susan / Ginormica learns that outer appearances are rarely representative of inner character, which is particularly relevant to her situation. Despite her size, Ginormica possesses extremely feminine features – large glowing eyes, a tiny nose, pink pouty lips and a perfect hourglass figure. Clearly, this is not the first image to come to mind when asked to describe a monster or a superhero.

Ginormica fights the alien robot's claws of death on the Golden Gate Bridge

Additionally, Susan / Ginormica did not show any signs of heroic abilities or abnormal behaviors until coming face-to-face with the alien robot, its evil octopus Gallaxhar (Rainn Wilson) and the army of brain-washed Gallaxhar clones.

Watch out for the attack of Gallaxhar's alien robot!

On a less serious note (which is much more on-par with the “ Monsters vs. Aliens” vibe), an animation where strange monsters save the world from a giant octopus-controlled robot in Northern California may sound a bit childish; however, I “kid” you not that “ Monsters vs. Aliens” is laugh-out-loud funny for all ages. The humor ranges from B.O.B.’s slapstick style, an instant hit with the youngsters, to The President’s sarcastic side comments and pop-culture references that raise chuckles with the adults.

General Monger relishes in his plan while The President tries for a latte... one red button=Starbucks, but the other=nuclear war

In addition to the extreme comedy, “ Monsters vs. Aliens” offers adventure, optimism and even a bit of love and relationship guidance. The cast is phenomenal, the characters are one-of-a-kind, the animation is vibrant and the script is packed with clever lines that everyone in the family will be sure to quote.

Monsters vs. Aliens,” a DreamWorks Animation SKG and Paramount Pictures release currently in theaters everywhere, is the first DreamWorks Animation InTru™ 3D Movie - it was completely conceived, developed and authored in 3D. Seeing the film in IMAX not only made the action more intense and the scenery more vibrant, but it is also enhanced the excitement. More importantly, because “ Monsters vs. Aliens” was specially made for 3D viewing, IMAX offers an experience that is most authentic in terms of the creators’ visions.

Directors Rob Letterman (left) and Conrad Vernon (right) with their monster creations

The story and direction is by Rob Letterman (“Shark Tale”) and Conrad Vernon (“Shrek” trilogy). The screenplay is by Maya Forbes, Wally Wolodarsky, Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger and Rob Letterman. It is produced by Lisa Stewart (“Almost Famous”) and co-produced by Jill Hopper Desmarchelier and Latifa Ouaou. Though “ Monsters vs. Aliens” is considered a family film and enjoyable for all ages, the MPAA has rated it “ PG” for sci-fi action, some crude humor and mild language.

"Monsters vs. Aliens" is the first InTru™ 3D Movie so IMAX makes it 100% better!

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