Love Is In The Air

'There's nothing better than a great romance' .to ruin a perfectly good friendship', this is the slogan movie line from the new romantic comedy, 'A lot like love'. It basically sums up the movie which seemed to be a fresher version of the 1986 classic, 'When Harry met Sally'.


Oliver (Kutcher) finds Emily (Peet) at the last moment and gives her a New Year's Kiss


When two people meet by chance, they discover that they have a great chemistry but fail it before it begins, and decide to leave it at just being friends. Over the next 6 years, they have a few chance encounters and meet after multiple failed relationships, to shortly rekindle their passion. Their meetings always end with a serendipitous obstacle that tears them apart until next time.


After a long road trip, Emily and Oliver pull over to enjoy the stars


This movie is comical, sweet, and very enjoyable to watch. Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet have an undeniable chemistry that lights up the screen. The film's progression keeps you on your toes rooting for them to finally end up together. Their onscreen passion is electric and highly contagious. You'll leave the theatre with the 'butterflies' feeling of fresh excitement.


Emily trys to cheer up Oliver with a song


This is definitely a great date movie that'll let you laugh together and maybe help you spark some passion of your own. I recommend you see this one in theatre's, it's the first must-see feel good movie of the year.   

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