Ladder 49 - Review

Rated: PG-13
Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures

Starring: Joaquin Pheonix, John Travolta, Jacinda Barrett, Morris Chestnut, Kevin Daniels, Robert Patrick, Kevin Chapman, Jay Hernandez, Billy Burke, Tim Guinee, Robert Lewis, Nick Loren

Directed by Jay Russell
Produced by Casey Silver
Written by Lewis Colick


John Travolta, Kevin Chapman and Joaquin Phoenix

A bond forged by fire is never broken.


John Travolta, Kevin Daniels, Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Patrick

"Baltimore firefighter Jack Morrison (Joaquin Pheonix) makes the transition from inexperienced rookie to seasoned veteran. As he struggles to cope with a risky, demanding job that often shortchanges his wife and kids, he relies on the support of his mentor and chief, Mike Kennedy (John Travolta) and his second family -- the brotherly bond between the men of the firehouse. But when Jack becomes trapped in the worst blaze of his career, his life and the things he holds important -- family, dignity, courage -- come into focus. As his fellow firemen of Ladder 49 do all they can to rescue him, Jack's life hangs in the balance." 


Joaquin Phoenix

 This is a very touching film, a real tear jerker portraying the brotherhood of the men and their families, the men who live and work together, who count on each other in the battles they rage against the all captivating and at the same time terrible fires.             

The film to me is mostly about feeling, enhanced by great special visual and sound effects that make it seem as if you are immersed in the fires depicted. Throughout the flashbacks of the film there are strong performances especially by Joaquin Pheonix and Jacinda Barrett.


Jacinda Barrett and Joaquin Phoenix

You build a feeling of camaraderie with several of the firefighters. I did at times have trouble with John Travolta's role as the captain. Not to say he didn't act well, it just was hard for me to believe him in the role.


John Travolta

The film is a capsule of one firefighter's life, which is reflective of brave firefighters everywhere. A movie with a realistic ending, an ending that would have, I believe, been different before 9-11. I couldn't help but think over and over again about the brave firefighters that perished on 9-11


Joaquin Phoenix

This movie is tribute to the firefighters everywhere that run into the buildings that everyone else is running out of.

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