Kino Objazdowe -The Traveling Cinema Movie Review

Kino Objazdowe (The Traveling Cinema) is a subtitled, independent Polish film that details the story of 2 men traveling from town to town to put on their show.

The Traveling Cinema

With a projector and a handful of classic flicks, director Marcin Sauter details the life of two Polish young men who drive around in their old, orange, Fiat spreading the word of their traveling cinema. Over a loudspeaker, through posters and word-of-mouth they promote their films and their dream.  

The Traveling Cinema

On a 'silver screen' (a white piece of vinyl) they find joy in sharing cinematic experience that brings out a nostalgic sense of wonder and excitement. To make a living they pass around their hat in hopes of donations. Yet, as you can imagine, this doesn't quite rack in the money to pay the bills. After two years they have yet to save enough money to get an apartment, which seems to be their ultimate goal even though the main point of the film seems to be the resurrection of a dying form of art and a passion for cinema that has been lost over the years.

The Traveling Cinema

The film resembles that of a home-made movie showing the couples adventures as they travel the countryside of Poland. From skipping stones across a lake, changing a flat tire, and taking a ferry, to bailing hay, discussions with the potential film goers, it's like watching someone's amateur family video.

The Traveling Cinema

The pace of the film, as well as the ease of life in the small towns they visited, stands in sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle and fast pace of the US. The films they show are animated cartoons (which are always Bolek  & Lolek)  followed by a feature of old Polish classics that are mainly for children but enjoyable for all ages. There is some interesting photography, which among other things, shows the universal wonderment of children of all cultures while watching cartoons.

Director Marcin Sauter

In the style of a documentary, I could appreciate the transfixion on the children's faces as they watched the films. Nonetheless, I wouldn't actually recommend this movie as I did not get anything from the film worth the time of watching it.

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