Just Like Heaven

Remember the movie  'Ghost'?  Well just put that so 1990's movie right out of your head and get ready to enjoy this new twist on encounters with people from beyond. In the new romantic comedy 'Just like heaven', directed by Mark Waters, who brought us 'Freaky Friday' and 'Mean Girls' stars Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, in a story of boy meets girl or should I say ghost that takes on a whole new meaning.


Elizabeth lives to work rather than work to live

The first of the two main characters we meet is Elizabeth (Witherspoon) a work-a-holic doctor who lives to work rather than work to live. When she finally takes a break from her busy schedule to go on a blind date, tragedy strikes, a huge truck hits Elizabeth's car, she never makes her date.  Then we meet David, a young widower whose wife tragically dies leaving him heartbroken and in a state of perpetual grief for the past two years. He decides to make a new start by subletting a beautiful apartment in San Francisco. It is there he continues to drink heavily to numb the pain over the loss of his wife.


David after two years is still grieving over his wife's death.

 The dust has barely settled in David's new surroundings, when he meets Elizabeth who barges into the living room and insists he is trespassing and orders him to leave her apartment. After she barges out as quickly as she came in, David thinks she is an intruder and adds extra locks to the door so she cannot re-enter. Little does he know physical locks have no power to keep Elizabeth out, he then finds out Elizabeth is a ghost, and to make matters worse, he is the only one who can see her. Not only can he see her, but also he certainly can hear her as she criticizes everything about him from his living habits, down to the rings he leaves on her wooden tables from beverage containers.


Darryl encourages David to help Elizabeth with her unfinished business

Once he realizes she is a ghost, he tries to get her to leave, to 'look' into the light', to accept her fate and cross over to the other side. Elizabeth is thoroughly convinced she is not dead, she's not going anywhere and he needs to go. Round and round it goes. Realizing his efforts are futile, David enlists outside help. He hires a priest armed with holy water, Ghostbusters, and Asian ladies burning incense, candles, and chanting in Chinese. All of these efforts do nothing but leave David frustrated and Elizabeth amused at his failed attempts to get rid of her. He then turns to a spiritualist name Darryl (Jon Heder, Napoleon Dynamite) who assures him that her presence is strong and the reason why she may not be leaving is that she may have unfinished business. Armed with that new information, David decides to join forces with Elizabeth to uncover how she came to her present state. Along the way, they fall in love but realize time is running out and what they have may be lost forever if they don't discover the truth.


Can the love David and Elizabeth share lead to the truth?

This delightful film opens nationwide September 9th.

For more information go to www.JustLikeHeaven-themovie.com


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