Juno Film Review - A Teen Dramedy for All Ages

Take one feisty teen with attitude ( Ellen Page) Juno and one best friend ( Olivia Thirlby) as they discover that life and relationships are not always what they seem, and you have the latest  Jason Reitman film Juno.  Living by her own rules, something she probably got from her dad Mac ( J.K. Simmons) and stepmother Bren ( Allison Janney), Juno (who's name is from the Roman Goddess) decides she is bored and on a dull afternoon in Minnesota, has sex with her best friend Bleeker ( Michael Cera). A gawky and awkward high school runner, Bleeker turns out to be more virile than he looks.

Ellen Page & Michael Cera are best friends in "Juno"

Juno contemplates suicide - with a licorice rope. But soon, Juno finds she must confess her secret to her parents, who actually take it better than might be expected. Wisely realizing that she is not ready to be a mother, and much to the relief for Bleeker, Juno and Leah set out to find the perfect adoptive parents by reading the Penny Saver ads.

Juno and best friend (Thurby)

Mark ( Jason Bateman) and Vanessa Loring ( Jennifer Garner) appear to be the perfect affluent suburban couple desperate to have a child.  Mac goes with his daughter to make sure they are on the level.

Juno meets with Vanessa (Garner) and Mark (Bateman)

As she grows bigger in her pregnancy, she also grows in her spiritual growth realizing that she can hold her head up while walking the school campus.
Mark and Juno start to find common ground with their music, Mark realizes that he is not ready for fatherhood and begin making moves on Juno, which horrifies her. 

A distressed Vanessa realize this is the end of her dreams. Mark is not ready to grow up and Vanessa has already. A distraught Juno wonders if anyone ever stays together.

Juno Movie

Similarly, Juno comes to terms with her relationship to Bleeker and realizes that, as much as a teen can, she loves him. Despite what his mother says, Bleeker decides that he has to be there for Juno when she delivers their son. Realizing that Vanessa will be a loving mother, Juno gives her the  baby, sans Mark, completing the circle.

Written by novelist /screenwriter Diablo Cody, covers almost every type of woman in the script. Discovered by producer Mason Novick on a blog, he knew he had someone with a unique voice and asked her to write. Meanwhile he helped her sell her novel "Candy Girl."

The film's director Jason Reitman (Hard C Productions) is known for his startling humorous THANK YOU FOR SMOKING.  Executive Producers were Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane along with Daniel Dubiecki from Hard C and Mr.Mudd, whose partners are John Malkovich, Lianne Halfon, and Russell Smith.  They were joined in the process by Fox Searchlight films, co-;producers were Jim Miller, Kelli Konop, and Brad Van Arragon.  Sundance veteran Eric Steelberg was the director of photography and music was by Mateo Messina. Dana E. Glauberman edited. 

The director Jason Reitman

The film is a refreshing look at teen development with real characters veering away from the perfect high school crowd. I recommend it for all ages.  
for more information about this film go to www.juno.com

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