Infernal Affairs - A Fast Moving Cops and Robbers Movie

Andrew Lau's INFERNAL AFFAIRS is a slick, fast moving, cops and robbers thriller. Set in Hong Kong, we get an inside view of a crime scene and an outside view of the city. The film opens with the big boss, Sam (Eric Tsang) sending off Ming (Andrew Lau) one of his lieutenants, to infiltrate the police department and learn their strategy. On the other side, the law has its own mole, Yan (Tony Leung) a seasoned cop who is set up to spy on the criminal element. It's a neat cat and mouse game.

A standoff

The plot gets sticky when Sam and his cohorts attempt to pull off a drug deal. As each mole tries to keep up with the action of the other, they become aware there is a double play happening. What they don't know is the respective identities of the undercover prowlers.

Andy Lau

Because the film is intended to delve beneath the surface, we learn the inner yearnings of each of the spies.  Yan is tired of being the good guy playing a bad guy and Ming has illusions of joining the side of the law and breaking away from Sam's criminal contingent.

Tony Leung and Andy Lau

The film, of course, has to abide by the required rules of mayhem. In the spirit of thrillers, we witness pyrotechnics, gunfights, and car pursuits. There is also the female angle that has to be dealt with. Both leading characters have to have a love interest. Ming has his Sammi Cheng who is allegedly writing a script.  Yan has an attachment to Kelly, a psychiatrist. While both women add a lighter touch, their roles serve as trimmings on the deeper probings.

The film is marred by the usual vague subtitiles and by action that is sometimes confusing. This complaint obviously did not exist for the viewers in Hong Kong where the movie made more sense and was reportedly a big hit. Both Lau and Leung performed with style and credibility. While the movie might be considered innovative for Hong Kong, it misses being another GODFATHER.

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