I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With Review - Looking For Cheese and Much More

James is an over-eater. James is self-loathing. James is in a rut, and he seems to be fine with it, that is until he meets Beth. Beth proves to be a much needed roller coaster ride for James as he tries to find his way in the film I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With.

Jeff Garlin sampling some of Sarah Silverman's ice cream. Photo by: Alberto Rodriguez.

James, played by Jeff Garlin, can’t seem to get his life going in the right direction, from his eating issues, to his love life, and his career. James is an actor and can't seem to help himself, whether its hosting the cruel, prank, reality show "Smear Job" or losing his dream role in the remake of Marty to teen-actor Aaron Carter.

This is where things get interesting for James and mostly thanks to Beth, played by Sarah Silverman. The two meet in an ice cream shop where Beth is working and it doesn’t take long for her to throw James out of his comfort level of just eating some ice cream as she turns the conversation into one about “hoagie shacks” and stalkers. This is the beginning of a very short and odd trip that Silverman takes Garlin. Silverman gives a great performance, and as James must feel, you will never quite know where she is going or what she will say or do next. Between the scene of James helping Beth pick out underwear and the “hoagie shack” conversation, you will never see Silverman in the same light again.

Richard Kind and Jeff Garlin. Photo by: Alberto Rodriguez.

While James is trying to figure out Beth, he is also trying to figure out his life. He seems to have been stuck in a comfort mode for years in every aspect of his life, but meeting Beth seems to give him the courage to step out of his comfort zone. Somehow James still has no luck and can’t even find some fresh

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese certainly had some of the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" humor that Garlin is famous for, one scene with Garlin and his best friend Luca, played by David Pasquesi discuss why someone dressed as a pirate would be handing out and promoting hot dogs which leads Garlin to eventually wind up wearing the pirate head for another friend of his.

David Pasquesi and Jeff Garlin. Photo by: Jim Sheldon.

Garlin showed just how talented he is with this film, as he wrote and directed it as well as starred in it. He just has that ability to take the most serious and sometimes meaningless seen and turn it into laugh out loud comedy and there are plenty of those moments in this movie.

Bonnie Hunt and Jeff Garlin talking music. Photo by: Alberto Rodgriguez.

The movie had a number of great actors making cameos and everyone was equally great, from Bonnie Hunt as Stella, who seems like a possible love interest for James, to Dan Castellaneta, who seems to be James supplier when it comes to junk food at the local quick mart.

Put this one in the books as a Martin "Must See"

I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With opens in Los Angeles September 14th and is currently not-rated.

Running Time: 80 minutes

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