Heist Review - an AFM success story

Room 761 at Lowes Hotel seems like any other AFM welcoming room but here a welcoming Rick Jordan – writer, director, actor and producer – engagingly talks to visitors about his films.  Having written and starred in four films from Iceman Productions, Rick, Richard Cooper and Wayne Wong, his partners at EBS, are seeking other films to distribute and produce.  

Heist, the movie, is a good action male driven movie – the kind that most guys love with plenty of violence, a bit of sex, and a story line that reminds me somewhat of Oceans 11 without the stars.  

K’s younger brother, Erik ( Erik David,) and his friend, David, involved with the wrong Colombian drug lord, is exposed and threatened with death if he doesn’t pay back a quarter of a million in one week.  After David offs himself, Erik finds himself alone and without any option other than his brother, K, a local gangster who first introduced him to Luis, the drug lord ( Christian Mendez)

Luis (Christian Mendez) on the beach

K, played by Rick Jordon, and his partner Ed C Nyle ( Edward Bradford) decide that this situation calls for drastic action and while they had planned on a heist of an armored truck a few months later, they are forced to push it up.  K tells Luis that he will have his money and that he feels responsible for his brother who is obviously in way above his head.  

Luis insists that his man Paulo ( Emanuel Borria) joins the gang to keep an eye on K and Erik.  Hesitant, K agrees believing that Paulo only speaks Spanish.  

The heist of the car goes off as planned, mainly because they have someone on the inside.  Everything goes according to plan until they reach the wherehouse center and find K’s landlord there to greet them.  Then Flora ( Dana Fares) goes into action, luring the older man away from the stash of money.  

Heist - Flora (Dana Fares) getting back at K

After that blood, gore, guts and murder becomes rampant as one of the men go crazy and start shooting up witnesses and friends alike.  

Paulo ends up being part of the narc squad and then deciding not to let the money go by him.  He, of course, is killed.  And what happens to Erik and the monies?  I guess you’ll have to see the movie to learn that.

Heist was shot on the new state of the art Red camera much as “ Crossing the Line,” Angels & Demons,” “Sanctuary” and others.   Heist, however, has the distinction of being the first film to be completely posted on Avid by Emmy nominated Drake Sillman, who edited the film.  Post production services were provided by Burbank’s Kappa Studios (who also had a suite as AFM.)  Igor Ridanovic, Kappa’s DI Supervisor developed a propriety software tool for RED post production and was assisted by colorist Eric Babinec using Avid’s DSv10.  

Music for the piece was done by Emilio Kaunderer whose past credits include “ High School Musial.”  Grisha Alasadi served as cinematographer.  

Heist- armored truck hold up

Green power was the motto for this production as all the generators provided cost effective and environmentally friendly power and worked to reduce more than 70% of the carbon monoxide emissions.  

Other films by Rick Jordan included “ A Conspiracy,” “The Remnant,” “Stage Fright,” and Millennium Storm – all of which had significant sales at AFM.

For more information about Heist go to www.ebsla.com.

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