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Ghost Town: (Pincus) Ricky Gervais is horrified that he can see the ghosts

They’re everywhere – ghostly apparitions but only one man Dr. Bertam Pincus ( Ricky Garvais) can see them.  

Ghost town: (Surgeon) Kristen Wiig

Having briefly crossed over during a hospital stay for a routine surgical procedure, he wakes up to find that he can see and talk to the ghosts and they in turn can plead their case with him.  Very reluctantly, the surgeon ( Kristen Wiig) tells him that he was gone for seven minutes. 

Ghost Town: Ricky Gervais and Kristen Wiig discuss his 7 minute lapse

The ghosts are everywhere asking for his help – even in his bedroom.  He can’t avoid them and he can’t get rid of them.  One woman wants her daughter to find a letter, another man wants his son to find a favorite stuffed toy and Frank Herlihy ( Grreg Kinnear) who is the most persistent wants Pincus to break up Gwen ( Tea Leoni)(his widow’s) engagement to Richard, a human rights attorney ( Billy Campbell) someone that he believes is milking her.  

Ghost Town: they invade his bedroom

Reluctantly, this recluse  who hates people and would prefer just to work and be left alone agrees – if only Frank will keep the other ghosts from bothering him.  Unfortunately while trying to break up the romance, Pincus falls for Gwen and she for him, but she can’t quite believe that her late husband is out there coaxing him especially when Frank feeds him the wrong information.

Ghost Town: Billy Campbell (Richard) and Tea Leoni (Gwen) kiss as one of the ghosts looks on

When Dr. Jahangir Prashar ( Assif Mandvi) tells him that he really is a jerk, he realizes that he has to change his life.  He begins helping the ghosts and they in turn, begin to head to heaven.  

Ghost Town: Greg Kinnear(Frank) looks on as Pincus and Gwen talk

Frank, however, is still hanging around and finally Pincus realizes that Gwen is still hanging on to her hurt and anger at being betrayed.  She is forced to let him go when she decides she loves Pincus.  

Ghost Town: Dinner with Richard and Gwen

All set to go off to study the mummies in Egypt, she puts her trip off because of her love for Pincus and in the end finds out the information that Frank had told Pincus was true.  

The boy gets the girl in the end as one might predict but there were a lot of funny scenes especially when Frank and Pincus are talking and no one can see Frank.  

Ghost Town: Writer director David Koepp

Writer director David Koepp (screenwriter for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull) created this romantic supernatural comedy along with help from John Kamps.  It was produced by Gavin Polne and executive produced Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Ezra Swerdlow.  Fred Murphy directed the photography and Sarah Edwards designed the costumes.  Music by Geoff Zanelli.

This film from DreamWorks, Spyglass Entertainment and A Pariah Production, edited by Sam Seig, is rated PG 13 for strong language , sexual humor and drug references.  I disagree with that rating. I think the movie is a sweet refreshing comedy which many should enjoy.

In Hebrew there is a saying – If I am for myself alone, who am I; if I am only for others who am I.  I think this sweet movie brings out a balance of both sides. 

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