Enchanted Review - "Enchanted" Screening and Disney's "Enchanted Experience" at The El Capitan Theater

“Enchanted” is the latest fantasy from Walt Disney Pictures, which incorporates animation with live action. The story begins as an animated film in a land called Andalasia. There is of course a beautiful princess named Giselle, (Amy Adams) who is dreaming of finding her “true love” a Prince, of course. Giselle sings a song of romance, "True Love’s Kiss” which undoubtedly will be Disney’s nomination for “Best Title Song” written by Oscar winners Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz (Pocohontas).

Giselle's singing draws the attention of a handsome (are there any other kind) Prince. They meet and finish the song as a duet, which means they were meant for each other and will live happily everafter. The song is actually quite catchy,
(I caught myself singing it on the drive home from the El Capitan Theater).

When the evil Queen (Susan Sarandon) the Prince’s Mother, finds out, she pushes Giselle down a magic well to get rid of her, since she fears her throne will be threatened. Our Heroin is catapulted from Andalasia to present day New York City and appears out of a sewer manhole in Times Square. She is indeed a stranger in a strange land until she accidentally meets a divorce attorney, (Patrick Dempsey) who is about to become engaged to his girlfriend of five years.

Dempsey, who is already jaded from a previous divorce himself, is caught between his upcoming engagement and Giselle who and completely supportive, is kind, sweet, unselfish(every guys dream girl). In the meantime her Prince jumps into the magic well to track down and rescue his fairytale Princess. Oh, did I mention the cute little chipmunk friend and companion who tries to warn the Prince when the Evil Queen tries to put Giselle to sleep with a poisoned apple. (Sound familiar?)

Sarandon is wonderful as the Evil Queen, alas; the writers keep her animated through most of the movie. It isn’t until the end of the film that we actually get to see her as a flesh and blood villainess. Dempsey is also terrific as the love interest and a single father raising a little girl. Dempsey’s daughter is cute and genuine, and quickly becomes attached to her fathers “new friend”. When Giselle and the daughter start bonding and talking about relationships, the little girl say’s, “Men only want one thing!” “What is that?” Giselle asks, the little girl replies, “I don’t know, no one will tell me!" Adams (who won a Golden Globe award for Junebug) literally brings Giselle to life and you can’t help but fall in love with her.

“Enchanted” marks Director Kevin Lima’s sixth film for Disney. He won a DGA award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Children’s Programs for “Eloise at Christmastime” and was nominated for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in an Animated Feature Production for “Tarzan”.

“Enchanted” works on all levels, whether it’s real or animated. The screening I attended was filled with seventy percent children all under the age of ten. From the reaction from parents and kids alike, this film will be a Holiday hit!

If you see “Enchanted” at the El Capitan Theater, you can also enjoy Disney’s "Enchanted Experience", where you can see costumes from the movie, play interactive games or meet and take pictures with Giselle, Snow White, The Little Mermaid and other characters from Disney’s world of animation.

For more information on “Enchanted”, or Disney’s “Enchanted Experience”, go to the website disney.go.com/disneypictures/enchanted

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