Easier With Practice Review - A Stong Piece It Is

Easier With Practice was part of the New Lights Competition at the 2009 AFI Fest.  Directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez and produced by Cookie Carosella, this feature is a must see.  The film is starring Brian Geraghty, Kel O’Neill and Marguerite Moreau.  Supporting cast includes Jeanette Bronx, Jenna Gavigan, Kathryn Aselton and Eugene Byrd.  Based on a true story, every component of the film captures the attention of the viewer and creates thoughts of what is next to come.

Easier With Practice was the winner of the 2009 Grand Jury Prize at CineVegas as well as the winner of the Best New International Feature at Edinburgh 2009. 

The Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood was a full house for this film that began at 10:00 PM on a Wednesday evening.  Almost all of the cast and crew were present.  There was a Q&A after the film and most people stayed through the entire session. 

The film itself is based upon an unpublished novel by Davy MitchellBrian Geraghty was the lead actor portraying Mitchell.  He hits the road on a self-planned book tour with his younger, more laid back brother Sean ( Kel O’Neill).  The brothers’ inherent disparity makes them discordant road buddies and after lukewarm audience receptions to his writing, Davy is left feeling lonely and without purpose.  That is until one night in Albuquerque, when Davy is alone in another generic motel room and has a far from generic experience!  He receives a phone call from the seductive Nicole who asks, "What are you wearing?"

After assuming it’s all a joke planned by Sean, the inexperienced Davy eventually goes along with her and when his own tentative (and funny) attempts at turning her on elicit excitement, he finds himself surprisingly aroused.  Davy and Nicole begin to develop an intimate relationship over the phone which Davy must keep hidden from Sean.  The raunchy phone sex leads to late night conversations and the “couple” open up to each other like neither has been able to before.  Davy is happier than he has ever been. 

Hoping there can be more to the relationship than virtual sex and a phone bill, he decides he wants to connect with Nicole in person.  Ultimately, Davy will have to face not only the truth about their relationship but also about himself.

Easier with Practice encompasses communication, the ability to give a second chance to people, and falling in love, in the modern world.  There were many situations that may be hard to deal with while creating a film, such as subject matters of masturbation as well as how people deal with relationships.  Alvarez’s created a film that is extremely balanced and very heartfelt.

Kyle Patrick Alvarez, the Director, graduated from Miami University in 2005 and came out to Los Angeles with every intention to be a Director.  Alvarez worked as an assistant to Warren Beatty in the first year of coming out to LA.  One day he came across an article titled, “What are you wearing?” in GQ Magazine.  Alvarez knew that he had to gain the rights to the story and bring it to the big screen.  “I loved the story and tone and I built it up from there”.

At the age of 25, he created an amazing feature film that I am sure will win many more awards.  As far as the inspiration to take on this film, Alvarez states, “What ultimately inspired me was the possibility to make a film that dealt frankly and honestly with a man’s complicated sexuality. When I say sexuality I mean something far more personal even than gender preference, rather comfortability with one’s self.”  Alvarez has a great work ethic and will be very successful as he continues his journey as a Writer/Director.

Brian Geraghty, the lead, was a perfect actor to be cast in this film.  He connected with the story and had an amazing performance.  “Really understanding the guy ( Mitchell) and knowing the story” is how Geraghty described his ability to bring the story to life. 

The emotion and vulnerable character that Geraghty showcased in Easier With Practice is a trait that he has mastered.  When asked how he drew upon this emotion, he replied, “We’ve all been in the place where we have felt lonely.  This guy ( Mitchell) couldn’t connect, so I had to figure out why I could not connect.  I played each scene and committed to it.”

We can expect to see a lot more of Geraghty in the future.  In fact, he will be performing at the Mark Taper Forum early 2010, alongside Martin Sheen, in Subject Was Roses.  He has also appeared in The Heart Locker, Bobby, Jarhead and We Are Marshall.

Easier With Practice was shot in Albuquerque, NM on the Red One Camera SystemDavid Morrison, the Director of Photography, did a fantastic job capturing all aspects of the film. 

The Theatrical Release of this film will be in Los Angeles, New York and select cities around February 2010.  For more information regarding Easier With Practice, go to www.easierwithpractice.com

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