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Dwayne Johnson and Race to Witch Mountain: The Remake

By Serita Stevens

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In his newest film, Race to Witch Mountain, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as Jack Bruno, a Las Vegas taxi driver with a criminal past. After a not so accidental meeting with astrophysicist Dr. Alex Friedman ( Carla Gugino), Jack begins to doubt the sanity of the people around him.  

Race: Jack, Sara and Seth hiding from their military aliens

 When two strange teens Seth ( Alexander Ludwig) and Sara ( Annasophia Robb) get into his taxi the fun begins.  Jack is led on a hair raising chase through an underground garden and a race against the government who are after him and the kids because the Chief Investigator ( Henry Burke) is determined to study them.  

Race: Government agents look for clues of alien life

During the ensuing chase, Jack becomes convinced that his passengers are not who they seem but it still takes some work to make him believe that they are truly the aliens who crash landed their craft near Area 51.  The kids have a mission to find proof that their planet can survive and regenerate its atmosphere before the planet’s military assassin finds them.   It’s a question of not only saving themselves and getting back to their ship but of saving the earth from invasion, as well.  

Race: Jack and Dr. Alex Friedman (Carla Gugino) rescuing the kids

Jack decides that Dr. Friedman is the person to help them – and she does.  With her connections to some of the more fantastical UFO characters, she learns that the craft has been taken to Witch Mountain in California.  While the government agents are chasing the taxi decoy, Jack, Alex and the kids are off in a luxury motor home on their way to the sunshine state.  

Naturally, the government catches up with them and captures the kids with the intention of testing on them.  

Jack and Alex are forced to join forces and save the children, helping them escape with their ship.

race: Jack, Alex, Sara (Annasophia Robb )and Seth (Alexander Ludwig) first see witch mountain

You would think once they were out of the mountainside, things would run smooth but the cyborg assassin ( Tim Woodruff, Jr) has managed to climb aboard and battles with Jack before he is thrown overboard.   

Seth and Sara leave Jack and Alex with a tracer so that they can always be found when the kids come back to visit – leaving the story open for a sequel.  

Compared with the original film, Escape to Witch Mountain, the essence is similar but much different and more complex than this film.  

Race: Dwayne Johnson as Jack Bruno facing down the bad guys

Born in Hayward, California, Dwayne started out in the sport of football, receiving a full college scholarship.  After a back injury, he began a career in wrestling where he took on the nickname of The Rock.  
 In 2000, the Rock took time off from WWE to film his appearance in The Mummy Returns.  Hooked on films, he joined the industry in making The Scorpion King  and has since portrayed a turn coat spy in Get Smart and a unwed father in Game Plan.   Other films for him have been Walking Tall part 2, The Gridiron Gang, Doom and Southland Tales.   As a former cab driver, he knew this was a perfect role for him.  He especially respected the child actors in this movie because they not only have to remain children but be professionals, as well.  

race: Director Andy Fickman

Dwayne Johnson admits that he wouldn’t mind doing the sequel if Andy Fickman, the director of this and his last movie, The Game Plan, asked him.  He enjoys doing PG movies and especially likes working with Disney.  He wanted to make sure that while this movie had some action and comedy in it, yet it was dialed back to keep it PG.   Dwayne did what he could to inject his brand of humor Despite what the director said, Dwayne did most of his own stunts and enjoyed doing the car chase.  “Andy would have freaked if he’s known I was in the car, but it came out all right.”  

Does he believe in alien life?  Andy, Dwayne states, is a firm believer in UFO’s and has his office designed with posters and books about the phenomena.  Dwayne, himself, isn’t quite sure.  

The film opens March 13th in the US.


Published on Dec 31, 1969

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