Dirty Love

Jenny McCarthy is treating us, once again, to her sexy, hilarious, refreshingly goofy humor. In her new self-penned comedy, 'Dirty Love', Jenny is not afraid to get real and raw. 

When I asked her what inspired her to write this script, she said it was out of desperation. Now, there is not one thing desperate about Jenny McCarthy.  But after she explained that all of the scripts coming her way were stereotypical, that  it didn't seem that Hollywood could differentiate between sexy and comedy; that they think they don't go together, I got her point.  She became frustrated with the scripts coming her way that were sexy roles, but bimbo roles at the same time. So, she sat down and wrote a script where the female was very sexy and very funny. (Sounds just like you Jenny!) And out came 'Dirty Love'.   

As the story begins, we feel her pain as she spins out of control, devastated after she comes home one night and finds her supermodel boyfriend, Richard (Victor Webster) doing the wild thing with another woman in their bed.

Eddie Kay Thomas as John defends Rebecca's (Jenny McCarthy) honor and Victor Webster as Richard plays the heart-breaking boyfriend in "Dirty Love"

Completely devastated, Rebecca wanders aimlessly down Hollywood Boulevard, wailing and flailing. Feeling like she has hit bottom, and looking for any glimpse of sanity to grasp onto, she wanders in to a fortune teller for a reading. The bossy psychic (Kathy Griffin) tells her that she's going to have to learn the lessons of love and go through hell before she can get to heaven.  Not what she wanted to hear...

Girls revving up for a wild night of partying.

Sometimes a girl has to get a little down and dirty before she can find true love. She needed to get revenge first. So she goes on a strange and wild trip of funny, crazy sexual encounters with psychotic men on her chaotic quest to find true love, that always ended up embarrassing and humiliating and are usually witnessed by her ex, which makes you cringe for her even more. She makes her way through the crazed maze of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, and finds that true love was right in front of her whole time.  Jenny disclosed to me that there is one particular date scenario in the movie that is the only true one, and everybody thinks it's the only one made up. I guess it takes all kinds! See if you can guess which one it is.

Woman gone wild.

Jenny McCarthy is as sexy as she is funny as she is brilliant in his film. Her outrageously funny antics keep you busting a gut. If you are looking for something fun, sexy and off-the-wall all at the same time, this  is the perfect film for fun night out.

Vixen on the move.

The film also stars Carmen Electra, who plays her funny, oddball racially-confused friend; a great performance by Eddie Kaye Thomas as her secret admirer; Victor Webster, playing the gorgeous ex-hunk and Kathy Griffin, who is as funny as always.

It premiered at the 2005 Sundance film Festival and was invited to the prestigious U.S. HBO Comedy and Arts Festival in March. The film also showcased at the Cannes International Film Festival.

It opens in U.S. theaters Friday, September 23, 2005, in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago, and will roll out from there.  International distribution of the movie is also underway.

Jenny McCarthy, 33, who currently hosts 'Party at the Palms' for E Entertainment, recently received the hottest new screenwriter award from Movieline magazine for her work on 'Dirty Love'. Jenny is also the author two books, 'Jen-X: Jenny McCarthy's Open Book' and 'BellyLaughs: The Naked Truth About the First Year of Mommyhood".


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