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Short films are popular fare not only at festivals but as fillers for broadcast and cable networks.  Short films also showcase new talent in writers, directors, and actors.  
The later is what producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis sought to do when she shot Deceit.  

Staring Marc Mazur (Idaho), Brian Hall (Sgt Stone); David Michelson (Gene) and 14 year old Robin Cho (Nikki), the story of Deceit takes place during our days in Vietnam.  

Deceit: Brian Hall (Sgt. Stone)

Trapped in a fox hole, and desperate for back up and support, Sgt. Stone is surprised by the presence of a young Asian girl.  Nikki claims to be an American from San Francisco but Stone thinks otherwise.  He is about to eliminate her when his two buddies – Idaho and Gene-- return from a reconnaissance mission.  Gene has been shot and is being carried in by Idaho.   Both men blame Stone for having let them on a wild goose chase and both disagree with him about Nikki’s fate.  

deceit: David Michaelson (Gene)and Marc Mazur (Idaho)

As Nikki continues to protest her innocence, Stone becomes more positive that something is fishy.  He refuses to let her go because then if she is VC, she will show them where they are hiding and that they are unable to defend themselves.  The other two continue to protest and believe that though Stone has a higher rank, he is outnumbered.  

Just as Stone picks up his gun determined to take care of the problem once and for all, there is a blast.  When the smoke clears, Stone and Idaho are dead and Gene is on his last breath.  He looks up to see Nikki collecting the weapons and as he is dying, he realizes that Stone was right.  

deceit: Gary Brochette - writer director and Suzanne DeLaurentiis, producer

Written and directed by Gary Brochette, Deceit was the brainchild of producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis.  It was filmed at Hollywood Camera in Burbank.  She plans to take the film to all the major festivals as Toronto, Newport , Moondance, Miami and others, as well as her own Cinema City International Film festival (the next one being held in September at the Hyatt Regency.)

Deceit: Marc Mazur and Robin Cho (Nikki)

Gary, who has mainly worked in television has done several feature films, as well. He knows what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera since he started life as an actor and is especially good at getting from the actors what he needs.  

For the film, all three men had to shave their heads, military style and Marc had to lose 55 lbs.  A lot of hard work for one day of shooting.  No doubt it will benefit him in the other roles he has forthcoming.  

Young Robin met the director on another shoot and he was so impressed with her that he knew she was the right one for the role of Nikki.  Fluent in Korean, both Robin and her sister have been studying acting for several years now and work frequently with Suzanne.

For more information about this and other short films, go to or check out Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions.   Or call 818 989 1587

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