De Lovely - Review

What a delicate duty it is to display the life of another on the big screen!  Common everyday facts to intimate feelings are magnified in front of millions in detail.  De Lovely does a top-notch job depicting the glorious days of one of America's beloved song writes Cole Porter.



Using Mr. Porter's songs as a vehicle De Lovely scenes flowed seamlessly telling the development of Cole's professional as well as private lives.  Every aspect of his personality made up the man we remember and promoted the creativity of his scores and lyrics.   As Cole himself expressed, "It's all me."




The film's music was aptly balanced with dialog ranging from light-hearted fun to heart wrenching factuality.  The story covers several decades beginning with the meeting of Linda, his soon to be wife and deepest admirer.  While Linda devoted herself to their relationship and to the advancement of Cole's career, there were times that she would weary only to rally with silent strength.  De Lovely is certainly as much Linda's story as that of her husband.

Talented vocalists performed various numbers in show settings staged to Cole's specifications - after all, it is his story.  My feet tapped time to familiar as well as less familiar tunes, and my body swayed slightly as I mentally acknowledged many of my favorite melodies to Cole Porter's name.

Lovers of music from past to present take note.  De Lovely's musical and intimate glimpse into the spirit of Cole Porter's songs both satisfies and surprises.  Make it a point to have a rendezvous with the Porter's and dance away with deepened insight into the man behind the talent.


The Players:

Kevin Kline - Cole Porter
Ashley Judd - Linda Lee Porter
James Wilby - Edward Thomas
Angie Hill - Ellin Berlin
Jonathan Pryce - Gabe
Caroline O'Connor - Ethel Merman
Mario Frangoulis -
Alan Corduner -
Sandra Nelson - Sara Murphy
Richard Dillane - Bill Wrather
Elvis Costello -
Kevin McNally - Gerald Murphy
Edward Baker-Duly - Boris Kochno
Jonathan Price -
Diana Krall -
Vivian Green -
Alanis Morissette -
Mick Hucknall -
Keith Allen - Irving Berlin
Peter Polycarpou - Louis B. Mayer
Leopold Lemarchand - Musical Performer
Nicola Dawn -
Kevin McKidd - Bobby Reed
Sheryl Crow -
Lara Fabian -
John Barrowman -
Robbie Williams -
Lemar Obika -
Natalie Cole -
Irwin Winkler - Director
Rob Cowan - Producer
Irwin Winkler - Producer
Charles Winkler - Producer


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