'In a city of 17 million where no one knows each other would they even notice a dead body on the MTA?'

You will definitely not be disappointed by this movie! It is a blend of murder, mystery, philosophy and drama all entwined to make a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat while forgetting to breathe, clutching the person next to you, and anticipating the next unforeseen exciting outcome as the suspense builds from one scene to the next.

Wow! What a roller coaster ride this movie takes you on! I am still reeling and tingling from this powerful, suspenseful, scary, captivating movie. As you know if you've read my reviews, I won't take away any of the surprises that you deserve to learn from the movie itself. However, the following is some information.

This is truly "the wrong place at the wrong time" story. The writing allows us to view the many sides of the complex personalities as the characters face their lives' shifting challenges. Get ready to take a thrill ride as you watch the brilliant performance of Jamie Foxx as Max, a cabbie who dreams more than he does. Although I am not usually a Tom Cruise fan, he is amazing as Vincent who efficiently performs his job in a no nonsense cold calculating ultra precise professional manner. And of course there is the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith who is compelling as she turns out a multi-leveled performance as the U.S. Attorney Annie Farrell.

The action sequences were numerous and each more breathtaking than the last. The high- end visual quality of this film yanks you from your seat and throws you into the believable action of this meticulously crafted film.





Digital Technology and L.A. at night:

"Collateral" was shot entirely at night in Los Angeles and turned out to be a multimedia film project with approximately eighty percent of the film shot digitally using several different types of cameras. Director Michael Mann is the first filmmaker to shoot a major motion picture almost entirely digitally, and he is the first to use a modified Thomson Grass Valley Viper FilmStream camera to depict, as never before, the city hours between dusk and dawn. Mann relates that the primary benefit of the Viper FilmStream was the way it recorded the distinct color palette that defines the city at night. He states, "Viper records colors in a whole different way particularly oranges, yellows and reds."

According to production designer David Wasco, "A lot of filmmakers think Los Angeles has been filmed to death, but there's still so much that's untapped. …There is a unique mood to the skies above L.A. at two or three a.m. Streetlights reflect off the bottom of clouds. Even in the darkness, you can see into the distance: silhouetted palms against the sky. I had to figure out how we were going to evoke that three dimensional night-how to see into the L.A. night."

Mann sums up his thoughts on the filming of  "Collateral" by explaining, "To me it's about emotion; it's how those environments surrounding the characters make us feel; so the atmosphere around them was critical. I find Los Angeles at night to be very emotional.  I wanted to tell a story that evokes some of the wildness that lurks just one layer below the surface."

The Production Team:
A co-production of DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures, "Collateral" is produced by Michael Mann and Julie Richardson from a screenplay by Stuart Beattie. Frank Darabont, Chuck Russell, Rob Fried and Peter Giuliano served as executive producers.

The behind-the-scene creative team included directors of photography Dion Beebe and Paul Cameron, production designer David Wasco, film editors Jim Miller and Paul Rubell, costume designer Jeffrey Kurland, and composer James Newton Howard.

"Collateral" opens in Theatres August 6th.

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