Closer - A Review

Closer couldn't be further from what relationships are really about.  The movie was adapted from a play, but maybe something got lost in the process. The screenplay seems to have been written by someone who is bitter toward relationships.  Closer deals with characters who are deceitful, unfaithful and ruthless.  When the characters try to be honest with one another, they are brutal when they were confessing their misbehaviors. They take honesty and turn it into a new level of meanness.  The male characters, Dan, played by Jude Law, and Larry, played by Clive Owen, seem wimpy and pathetic when they demand to know every detail of their lovers' affairs.  Of course, no relationships are perfect. One leaves this movie having little faith in relationships or in the human race.

Julia Roberts stars in Columbia Pictures' comedy/drama Closer

Closer was boring throughout, with an occasional line of comic relief to break up the monotony of it all.  It was disappointing and painful to watch Julia Roberts' mediocre portrayal of her character, Ana.  It wasn't difficult to see Ms. Roberts say dirty words in a film for the first time, but that was the only thing that made her character a little interesting.  Jude Law, who plays Dan, was unfortunately not that interesting.  However, Natalie Portman, who plays Alice, and Clive Owen, who plays Larry, are both phenomenal actors.  Their performances were outstanding.  Natalie Portman seems to be consistently good in every role she plays.  She may not get nominated for an Oscar in this film, but she is sure to win one eventually if she keeps up the great work.

Julia Roberts (l) and Natalie Portman star in Columbia Pictures' comedy/drama Closer.

All four of the characters in Closer did a lot of talking about sex.  Talk. Talk. Talk.  There were really no love scenes in the film except for the before and after moments.  It was all talk and no action.  Thank God.  The world is probably not ready to see Ms. Roberts having a wild sex scene in a film, but she sure tells her lover all about it in detail.  All the characters explain in detail what they either do sexually or what they want to do sexually.  This movie would have made for a good phone sex movie if there were such a thing.  Natalie Portman's sexy scenes were very tastefully done but still managed to get the point across without unnecessary nudity.

- Natalie Portman (l) and Jude Law star in Columbia Pictures' comedy/drama Closer.

It is hard to figure out what the moral of this story is.  There are no lessons learned.  What is the point of it all?  Is Closer trying to send out a message that it is okay to lie and cheat as long as one is brutally honest with the person he or she supposedly loves?  All will be forgiven if you just describe what you did sexually when you cheated on your lover.   Or is the moral of the story, don't trust strippers?  Maybe it is that relationships just suck.  The moral of this story is that there is no moral and no reason to see this film.  Closer is not a good date movie, especially if you are on a first date with someone.  If you really have a strong desire to see this film, rent it.  It should be out on DVD very soon.

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Natalie Portman (l) and Clive Owen star in Columbia Pictures' comedy/drama Closer.

Julia Roberts (l) and director Mike Nichols on the set of Columbia Pictures' comedy/drama Closer.

Julia Roberts (l) and Jude Law star in Columbia Pictures' comedy/drama Closer.

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