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By L.D.

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Columbia Picture's upcoming new release, Click, is a hilarious film that captivates everyone's heart and attention. Not to mention, the humor is endless and simply funny! The main character, Michael Newman (played by none other than Adam Sandler) is a hard-working family man that becomes so engulfed within his profession as a determined successful architect that eventually causes his family to fall prey in becoming second in his life. His beautiful wife, Donna, (played by Kate Beckinsale) portraits the perfect housewife, who also becomes so frustrated with Michael and his career-decision making priorities. Michael so bothered with his career and family-demanding 'Daddy You Are Going to Be There?' syndrome clashing all at once, that he feels just simply overwhelmed.


One night after a hard day's work and facing a disappointed fulfilled family, again, Michael becomes even more aggravated when he can't figure how to work the remote to the television. He storms out of the house in search for the perfect 'universal remote.'

To find, quirky character, Morty (Christopher Walken), in out of all places, BED BATH & BEYOND, the WAY BEYOND room, that is. Morty gives Michael a one-of-a-kind 'gadget-like' remote that comes with all kinds of guaranteed benefits and to mention, guaranteed defects.


Michael instantly learns the unique features of the universal remote, and quickly masters the gadget. Eventually, clicking his way through life's difficult moments and obstacles. Michael, also realizes not only is he in full control of his own universe, but soon learns not only is he cheating through life's most unhappy and challenging moments, but as well as life's most meaningful moments, his family's.


Click, is the best Adam Sandler movie, yet to be made. The audience was exploding with blasts of laughter and yet at sometime, almost falling into a tear-jerking mood. From beginning to end the laughing does not stop! Absolutely, no disappointments within this film. The script is original, the end was not predictable, and the movie will touch everyone's heart. I could hear throughout the theater from viewers, 'I'm going to see this movie again!' I agree this movie is a classic film one will want to see over and over and over. Filled with problem-solving ideas, quick resolutions, don't forget the consequences, too, and fantasy-like solutions. The movie's cast is cleverly composed of actors, long time friends Click's director Frank Coraci and producer Adam Sandler carefully collaborated. From the beautiful Kate Beckensale, Oscar winner Christopher Walken (who can do no wrong on screen), to two comic veterans Henry Winkler and Julie Kavner. Then to my surprise, the perfectly casts Mr. Amber, Michael Newman's money-hungry, egotistic, conceited, corny-horny buffoon, played by none other than David Hasseloff .


A movie everyone will enjoy. This is yet another funny classic movie from Adam Sandler, that may actually teach us viewers a thing or two in life. .


Published on Aug 28, 2011

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