Cannes Film Festival - Directors' Fortnight Awards


The Directors' Fortnight Awards (La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs), are a section of the Cannes Film Festival.

In June 1968, the Société des Réalisateurs de Films (Film Directors Society), created the Directors Fortnight Awards during nationwide strikes which closed down the festival that year. The intention was to open up the Cannes Film Festival to little-known filmmakers. As well as to "defend artistic, moral, professional and economic freedom in filmmaking, and to participate in the development of new cinema structures." This sidebar is considered to be the most radical of the festivals sections.

This year there are 20 Full-length films and 12 Short films from 14 Countries.

2004 Directors' Fortnight Awards Line-up

À vot' bon coeur
France (2004)
Directed by Paul VECCHIALI

Ano Tonneru
(The Tunnel)
Japan (2004)
Directed by Kunitoshi MANDA

Babae sa Breakwater
(Woman of Breakwater)
Philippines (2003)
Directed by Mario O'HARA

En attendant le déluge
France (2004)
Directed by Damien ODOUL

(The River's End)
Iran (2004)
Directed by Behrouz AFKHAMI

Je suis un assassin
France (2004)
Directed by Thomas VINCENT

Khab é Talkh
(Bitter Dream)
Iran (2004)
Directed by Mohsen AMIRYOUSSEFI

L'Odore del sangue
(L'Odeur du sang)
Italy, France (2004)
Directed by Mario MARTONE

La Blessure
Belgium, France (2003)
Directed by Nicolas KLOTZ

Los Muertos
Argentina (2004)
Directed by Lisandro ALONSO

Maarek Hob
(Dans les champs de bataille)
Lebanon, Belgium, France (2004)
Directed by Danielle ARBID

Chile, Spain, France (2004)
Directed by Andres WOOD

Mean Creek
Directed by Jacob Aaron ESTES

France (2004)
Directed by Simone BITTON

Oh, Uomo
Italy (2004)
Directed by Yervant GIANIKIAN and

Directed by Jonathan CAOUETTE

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
Directed by Asia ARGENTO

The Taste of Tea
(Cha no aji)
Japan (2003)
Directed by Ishii KATSUHITO

 The Woodsman
Directed by Nicole KASSELL

Vénus et Fleur
France (2003)
Directed by Emmanuel MOURET

Capitaine Achab
France (2003)
Directed by Philippe RAMOS
La Peur, petit chasseur
France (2003)
Directed by Laurent ACHARD
Le Dieu Saturne
(The God Saturn)
France (2003)
Directed by Jean-Charles FITOUSSI
Tristesse beau visage
France (2003)
Directed by Jean-Paul CIVEYRAC

A Feather Stare At The Dark
Japan (2003)
Directed by Naoyuki TSUJI

Japan (2003)
Directed by Jun MIYAZAKI
Russia (2003)
Directed by Edgar BARTENEV
Vostok 1'
France (2003)
Directed by Jan ANDERSEN

Germany (2004)
Directed by Ulrike VON RIBBECK
Fill In The Blanks
Korea, Sout (2003)
Directed by Kim YOUN-SUNG

La Petite Chambre
France (2003)
Directed by Élodie MONLIBERT

Le Droit Chemin
(The Straight and Narrow)
France (2004)
Directed by Mathias GOKALP

To learn more about the Directors' Fortnight Awards go to their official website and click on the english version in the lower right hand corner.

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