Broad Humor Film Festival No-Budget Shorts Review

It was far from another ordinary Sunday in the stylish community of Abbot Kinney. The day was hot; but the climate was not the reason. The Broad Humor Film Festival, which had taken over Venice, California for the third year, was in its final day.  Broad Humor is the only  film festival anywhere that puts the spotlight on the art of comedy written and directed by women.  It turns out that men and women both get the joke, enjoying the humor out of the mouths of babes.

The Sunday shorts program was for films in the No-Budget competition and featured a carnival of short films that uniquely touched upon a variety of witty dilemma’s and amusing characters.

Chrismakwanzukkah was the only music video headlining the last day of the festival. Written and directed by Saba Moor-Doucette, it is a whimsical and playful music video celebrating the diversity of religion and the holiday season. Saba Moor-Doucette discovered a new spin on music video genre, by making puppets she crafted as her stars.

Oh, Sammy! Written and directed by Susan Deming, is a sharp and clever comedy that features an overly ambitious career mother on the hunt for a reliable baby-sitter. When her last resort comes in the form of a nearly emptied-headed friend and her Osama Bin Laden knock-off of a nanny; this encounter becomes a hysterical look at the hard and limited choices a working mom is forced to make.

Oh, Sammy!

Cleaning House Written and directed by Anna Hadzi, showcases the narrative frame of a lonely man’s harmless internet search and one woman’s obsession. Cleaning House is a shrewd tale of bizarrely-crossed wires becoming entangled as one woman’s relentless hunt for a neighborhood flasher and one guy’s search for the perfect online woman collide in a frantic chain of events.

Cleaning House

Red Flag Written and directed by Victoria Cordova makes rambunctiousness a virtue in this amusing short that displays the insanity of dating as it truly is - a combat sport. "Red flag" is a critical label for someone we shouldn’t date, but for some strange reason do. Red Flag is fully equipped with a unique sincerity and dating diplomacy that make it broad mischief of laughs.

Red Flag

Sally’s Dream House Written and directed by Julia Radochia, is a refreshing comedy that features a spirited young woman named Sally, blinding pursuing her dream house. When she finally has the opportunity to look inside, more is revealed in a clever series of chance meetings and her life has taken a new and almost chaotic turn.

Sally's Dream House

Spoofing You Tube by Terri Freedman, is a humorous and in-your-face spoof featuring one of America’s favorite pastimes - the internet. Offbeat and engaging, this short is fueled with a terrific actress and some jaw-dropping dialogue you can only see and hear on You Tube.

Spoofing You Tube

Squeaky Clean by Catherine De La Casas, stars Madame Chocolat and her toy dog in music filled short about their playful quest to get a job to pay for their cookies and tea. Bursting with color and a whole-some can-do attitude, Squeaky Clean is an entertaining romp about the crazy business of cleaning.

Squeaky Clean

You’re Too Written and directed by Meg Weidner, is a comically honest portrayal of woman’s chase for self-actualization. Insightful and sweetly vulnerable, You’re Too is the story of struggling actress, Mandy constantly under scrutiny for being too something. Upbeat with well-timed banter, this short is nothing but inspiring.

You're Too

You're Too walked away with the prize for Best No-Budget Short.   The shorts Oh, Sammy! and Red Flag runners-up for the Audience Award.  Winners received prize packages included such gifts as Movie Mageic Screenwriter software,  Hollywood Creative Directories, Gorilla Software, cosmetics from Jurlique and soaps from Soaptopia.

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