Becoming Eduardo Review - An Uplifting Film

Becoming Eduardo

Just nominated as Best Feature Film at the Burbank Film Festival was the excellent coming of age film.  Presented by Open Range Pictures in association with the Creative Media Institute , Becoming Eduardo is the story of 16 year old juvenile delinquent and secret reader, Eduardo Corazon ( Julian Alcaraz) , attending an alternative education program, walks the thin line between tragedy and glory as he searches for his place in the world.  He is torn between his long time friend TJ Ritchie ( Mike Dunay)  to push drugs and his teacher Mrs. Beecher ( Holly Riddle) who encourages him to use his intellect.

By chance Eduardo enrolls in a ballroom dance class where he meets Lupe Garcia ( Elizabeth Blanco) and is struck by love.  Desperate to attract Lupe, he even tries his hand at poetry and is surprised to see that he has a natural gift.  Her father Sergio (A Martinez) is very much against the boy especially after Eduardo makes a stupid mistake and is sent by his parents Leticia and Raul ( Elizabeth Pena and Josh Cruze)  to live with his uncle Antonio ( Gary Perez)

Torn between the the seductions of delinquency's thrill of instant gratification and the lure of his intellect, he finally decides on taking off his bandanna.  He tucks in his shirt and starts calling himself Eduardo rather than Eddie as his exposure to his uncle’s world causes him to view life in a new light.  Pulled in different directions by TJ and Lupe, he soon realizes that his life choices are up to him.  

An inspiring and uplifting film, Becoming Eduardo was written and directed by Rod McCall, produced by Bradley Littlefield, David Adams, Gentry Stanley and Rod McCall, the story was based on the novella “Alternative Ed” by LouAnne Johnson. 

Becoming Eduardo: Rod McCall - writer, director; Bradly Littlefield, producer

Johnson and McCall were introduced in New Mexico by producer Zalman King – all three living in the tiny village of Hillsboro.  With the financial help of retired University of New Mexico professor, Garland Bills, McCall was able to call upon the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University to crew the gurella production.  “We still needed experienced actors to pull the story off, especially since we didn’t have any car chases or explosives,” McCall says.  They turned to the indy casting icon, Cathy Henderson Martin and were able to attact industry talents as well as bright younger talent.  “It was the right story with the right people at the time time.”  

Using the town of Hillsboro as the back lot, they were able to get the community of Truth and Consequences to pitch in for services as motels, cars, catering, etc.  

Mark Medoff, the artistic director of CMI, poked the script at early stages and assisted with the editing.  

The film was a labor of love, said McCall and Littlefield.  It has also won the New Mexico Film Festival Award , Milagro Award at the Sante Fe Film Festival and Tamalewood Award for Best Latin Film. 

Other stars in the film are Paula Sorge, Irene Oliver Lewis, Seth Adkins, Adrien Gloria, Mariah Tallent, Casandra Smith, Keith Cunningham, Delana Michaels and Chris Nunez.  

The editors were Rejeev Nirmalakhandan, Luke Fitch and Michael Colin with music being provided by Andy Fleming and Brother Tucker.  Dale Sonnenberg was director of photography and Stephen Hansen did production design.

For more information about Becoming Eduardo, contact Brad Littlefield 213 309 6999 or [email protected] or go to

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