Battle: Los Angeles Review – The City of Angels Fights for Survival Against Extra Terrestrials


Aliens attack Los Angeles.This movie was filmed in the streets of Los Angeles, basically creating a 4-month war in the area. Shooting and creating an environment as real as possible with the goal of capturing the true emotions and reactions of a human being in a situation of "surviving" a massive attack by beings from another planet. An attack designed for the conquest of the simplest natural resource, water.

Aaron Eckhart as a marine

The planet has already been attacked in the main cities of the world and only the city of Los Angeles remains. A group of Marines including soldiers played by Aaron Eckhart and Ne-Yo enter the battle to save the city. The group is joined on the road by a member of the Air Force, played by Michelle Rodriguez.

In this film you are going to see a group of armed Marines going all out to get the aliens out of the city.You will see and understand the aliens from a distant perspective initially, but slowly you will start to understand them as they get to their "home" in LA.


Michelle Rodriguez plays a member of the Air Force

In the battle, lost soldiers were depicted realistically, showing the emotions that are shouldered by real life soldiers going to and returning from war. The drama tries to create a cohesive group among the marines, bound by the knowledge that they are being killed by aliens.

During filming the actors were very supportive of people of relatives to our own soldiers at war. Many soldiers expressed support for the film, as it reflects much of the suffering and effort that real Marines go through in order to protect their families and bring peace.

Ne-Yo as a young marine

The actors had boot-camp training for 3 weeks to prepare them for their characters, including more than ten hours of footage a day where they created a hostile environment. During this time they were filming nonstop to capture as much realism as possible. Theactors described that this was the strongest part of the film.

The actors also felt that they bonded strongly during the long hours of shooting under heavy gunfire, working in the extreme heat, carrying pounds and pounds of heavy equipment and all the physical effort that was required to properly depict the characters.

The Aliens invading the City of Angels

The actors mentioned that they greatly admire the work and effort of the people in the military, who embody these positions in real life. They had much admiration for their dedication and respect, and how much they give to protect life and freedom.

Some additional details about the major players is that they admire the performance of the military as they defend and the care for the citizens.Aaron told us that he has great admiration for the troops serving with their lives to give us freedom, but he would never be part of the troops.Michelle said that the film motivated her to decide to become vegetarian, for the sake of how many of the animals are treated. Her decision to do this was made to carry the message of non-animal abuse to the world.Ne-Yo wants to continue to move towards taking increasingly difficult roles or roles that have nothing to do with his personality; he wishes to take the challenge of different roles in all areas of performance.

Los Angeles under attack



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