Barrymore's New Pitch

Drew Barrymore is the queen of quirky Romantic Comedies and she's back at it again in her new flick, 'Fever Pitch'. This marks the 8th Film made by her production company, Flower Films, since their introduction in 1995. In this picture she stars opposite Jimmy Fallon in a tale of a love-triangle romance between Lindsey Meeks (Barrymore), Ben Wrightman (Fallon), and the Boston Red Sox.


Lindsey (Drew Barrymore) and Ben (Jimmy Fallon) share a quiet, romantic moment …quot; in front of tens of thousands of cheering Red Sox fans at Fenway Park. Photo Credit: Darren Michaels


Lindsey is a successful business professional who thinks she's found the one, when she starts dating school teacher Ben. The relationship seems perfect until the summer rolls around and she discovers his other love (or shall I say obsession): Baseball. Lindsey finds herself competing for Ben's time and attention, which drives her into losing sleep, slacking at her job, and risking her chance at a promotion.



During a “romantic” dinner, Lindsey (Drew Barrymore) is taken aback by the antics of new boyfriend Ben (Jimmy Fallon).


Barrymore is as charming as ever in this new comedy. Her character has some great comedic lines that are only enhanced by her over-the-top, goofy facial expressions and her unmasked, radiant sweetness.


Although Fallon has yet to prove himself as a strong actor on the big screen, this movie has been one of his best roles yet. His character provides some good laughs and repeatable one-liners, but he pulls off some unrealistically sweet feats, that are a little too much. The script is funny, quirky, and sweet, but not very involved. This movie is definitely a chick flick that you wouldn't want to drag your boyfriend or a date to. Instead make it a girls' night out with your close friends; and for all you students out there strapped for cash, save your pennies, this one will be just as good on video. 


For more information on this film, you can visit its officially website:

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