Anderson’s Cross out on DVD

“Anderson’s Cross”, the award-winning story of a suburban high schooler who slowly begins to realize his true sexual identity while striving to maintain his relationships with his friends, was released on DVD on November 22nd. Written, directed and starring Jerome Elston Scott, the film follows Nick Anderson (Scott) as he slowly realizes that the life many expect him to lead – dating the popular girl, going to the right college – is not the life he wants. Surrounded by a loving family and devoted friends, Nick’s “coming out” story is not a shock or a scandal, just a realistically paced, organic exploration of a young man defining himself as an adult.

Scott was frequently seen on episodes of “Freaks and Geeks,” “Undeclared,” and “Felicity” but “Anderson’s Cross” is his first venture into writing and directing a film. As a young African-American male, he was discouraged at the limited number of roles he was being offered as an actor – so he wrote the loosely autobiographical “Anderson’s Cross,” surrounding himself with veteran performers such as Michael Warren (“Hill Street Blues”) and Joanna Cassidy (“Six Feet Under”) and an experienced crew to guide him on his self-produced first feature. The loosely autobiographical story was a film festival favorite, winning awards at the Atlanta Independent Black Film Festival and the Bridgetown (Barbados) Film Festival.

Scott’s next feature, “Prep School” will star Jeremy Sumpter (“Friday Night Lights”) and Charlie McDermott (“The Middle”). The story centers around conflicts between the Dean and several students at a prestigious all-boys school, and will be written and directed by Scott. Filming begins in March 2011.

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