Monsters vs. Aliens World War 3D Review - IMAX 3D Review

Well, OK. As far as plot goes, the title says it all. However you must treat yourself to this film in Tru 3D developed by DreamWorks Animation with genius CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg at the reigns. Say goodbye to the blurry red and blue 3D paper glasses and hello to a virtual experience that will astound you.  3D IMAX is the way to go. The only other movie I saw in IMAX was about some dolphins and an elephant. I forget which ate which.

I was the first to arrive for this screening on Saturday, March 22nd of Monsters vs Aliens at the Lincoln Square IMAX theatre in New York City. I thought how I should’ve snuck in some great smelling apple cider and banana nut bread from the packed uptown farmers market I walked through. I made my way up many escalators till I was at the humongous IMAX screen. I chose my seat in the last row center.

I ducked when a 3D ball was being thrown directly at my head. Hey, wait a minute, I don't have my catcher's mask on. I knew I was in for a thrilling ride.

Monsters vs Aliens started off like an animated version of "Bridezillas." A dull brown-haired girl, Susan Murphy (voiced by Reese Witherspoon) is marrying a local weatherman.  Susan is clobbered  by a meteorite and when her clueless fiancé, Derek Dietl, (Paul Rudd) takes off her veil, gazes at his new bride and says “Susan, you're glowing!” Yes, Susan was glowing and growing to 49 ft inches. 11 inches (10 points if you think of the old B movie "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.") Derek wasn’t going to take Susan to her promised honeymoon in Paris, but to Fresno, so HE could become an evening news anchor.

No matter. The now blonde Susan has big plans of her own and is dumped into a cell with her new family. She tries to kill a cockroach. Haven’t we all? However, the insect-headed Dr. Cockroach will not die - not in a roach motel, not by a can of Raid and not under the pressure of a giant shoe. The genius Dr. Cockroach Ph.D. is voiced by the amazing Hugh Laurie of "House." Only one cockroach - odd, they usually come in thousands.

Susan also meets the blue one-eyed blob, B.O.B., short for Bicarbonate Ostylezene Benzoate. Say that three times fast. Kids and adults alike will fall in love with B.O.B voiced by the comedic actor Seth Rogan. B.O.B. was created by combining a chemically altered ranch-flavored-desert topping with a genetically altered tomato. Seth Rogan also starred in DreamWorks’s animated hit, "Kung Fu Panda," where he voiced Manta. Rogan has a face for animation (remember Knocked Up?)

B.O.B is the breakout star and scene stealer of Monsters vs. Aliens. I’ve already downloaded the full version of  B.O.B not the lite application onto my iPhone. “Eeh eeh, oh I forgot to breathe, I forgot how to breathe! Help me Dr. Cockroach, help!” The excited blue blob, B.O.B.  romances a Jell-O mold. See "Monsters Vs. Aliens: The Sequel" for how that turns out. Bob is transparent, has no brain thus has no life memories of his own, so he takes on the life of the other monsters.  He thinks Derek was HIS fiancé and confronts, the confused Derek Dietl, on how he dare cheat on B.O.B with his monster homegirl, Susan.

Other monsters include: half fish, half primate, the karate chopping The Missing Link, and the huge fuzzy giant bug, Insectosaurus.

The bored, locked up monsters are happy to have new company. The Army doesn’t believe humans can handle knowing that monsters really exist, so they hide them away. The monster crew asks what this new creature’s monster name is she says, “Susan.” They say, no what do people yell when they see you coming?  Oh no it's... Again she says “Susan.” Her monster name becomes Ginormica.

Another fun player in this 3D extravaganza is Stephen Colbert who voices the President. He can’t figure out which large red button makes dark coffee with Splenda and which blows up the world (think of 2 Staples Easy buttons.)  Stephen Colbert did a hilarious roast of Bush on Comedy Central.

The monsters are released from their prison by the Arnold, the Govenator  look-alike General W.R. Monger (Kiefer Sutherland). Kiefer must have 36 hours in his day.  The Monster mob is off  to battle the aliens.  The Alien, multi-eyed, meglomaniac dictator, Gallaxhar (RainnWilson)  and his army of clones  are not quite ET phoning home.  Gallaxhar does some justice to look like the large-headed eery Wizard of Oz in one scene.  The producers took a year to create B.O.B. and so figured making one alien was enough to deal with. "If Star Wars" cloned, why not?

Line up for Monsters vs. Aliens for the new, high tech 3D and IMAX experience. The boys will love the action and the girls will have a giant Barbie supermodel, I mean Superhero, to look up to. Personally, other than Bob’s jokes, I found the film slow, but maybe it’ll become the next musical and join DreamWorks’s "Shrek" on Broadway. If you stay through the credits you’ll get to hear the song, “One-eyed, one-horned, flying Purple People Eater.”

I had to dump my cool 3D glasses into a red bin on the way out. It’s not easy being green.

Monsters vs. Aliens opens nationwide in IMAX 3D on March 27th.

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