Alexander - Her Review


Overall Oliver Stone's epic film Alexander was, for the most part, enjoyable to watch.  Colin Farrell was outstanding as Alexander the Great. 

Colin Farrell

Who could ignore his charisma, good looks and rock hard hot body? Those are reasons enough to see the movie. 

Angelina Jolie & Colin Farrell

Angelina Jolie, who is realistically only a few years older than Farrell, was believable and pulled off playing Alexander's mother, Olympias.  However, her accent was very hard to follow when it slipped in and out, and she sounded like a vampire at times.

Jared Leto as Hephaistion

Jared Leto was very convincing as Hephaestion, Alexander's loyal best friend and gay lover.  Val Kilmer seemed to enjoy adding a bit of nuttiness to the one-eyed powerful King Phillip II, Alexander's father.   After King Phillip II was murdered, another actor appeared in the film with the same exact missing eye and giant scar. This duplication was very distracting and annoying to watch.  The special effects make-up artist really needed to be a bit more creative.  

Alexander's beloved horse was very beautiful in the film.  If the real Alexander the Great was able to see this film for himself, he would be proud that even after all these years, he is still remembered.

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