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Begun in 1996 by Michael D Sellers, Quantum Releasing was one of the many new generation independents present at the AFM this year. Starting out in distribution alone, their first film was Goodbye America.  The self financed company was able to sell out in all territories and gave the US Distribution to Buena Vista.  Handling only 1-2 films per year as a small boutique distribution company, they were never the less able to meet their goals of expansion.  

Heading into the foreign market, where they found co production partners in countries like the Philippines, India and South Africia, Quantum them proceeded to the production side of the business.  Since 1996, they have now produced ten of the sixty films that they are handling.  Their categories run the gamut from comedy ( Route 30) to horror ( Vlad) and family drama (Eye of the Dolphin) and suspense (Beneath the Blue.)

Eye of the Dolphin: Adrian Dunbar and Carly Schroeder

A single father, himself, Michael Sellers wanted to do something about connecting with his teen daughter and came up with the concept for Eye of the Dolphin.  Now one of their more popular family films, Eye of the Dolphin, staring Carly Schroeder, Adrian Dunbar, George Harris, Christine Adams, tells the story of an estranged daughter and father set in the beautiful world of dolphin research in the Bahamas.  A great Disney type film, it took "Best Feature Film" at the International Family Film Festival.  


Eye of the Dolphin: Carly Schroeder, George Harris, Christine Adams

Reprising their roles, George Harris and Christine Adams return for the second film, Beyond the Blue.  Produced by Susan Johnson and staring Caitlin Wachs, David Keith and Paul Wesley, Beyond the Blue, while still having the Disney flare and the work with the dolphins, is more of a suspenseful romance touching on themes as naval espionage and protection of the wild dolphins.  Music by Alan Derian, directing by Michael Sellers and photography by Lila Javan enhanced the mood of the piece written by Wendell Morris.

Beyond the Blue: Paul Wesley

With the US release in February, Quantum has been careful in their festival approach but receiving awards from the National Association of Parent and Family Films hasn’t hurt..  Selling territories of Germany, France and Holland, they found straight drama slightly harder to sell but the added fact that it was a sequel to the first film helped it find its mark and in many cases, he was able to package both films together.  

Each film has it’s own marketing hooks, which have to be nurtured,” Sellers said. A good distribution company knows the demographics of its target audiences and which territories to approach.   

AFM was good for him because he had set up a list of the potential buyers ahead of time and made appointments that stretched throughout the festival.  “But we didn’t just wait for them to come to us, we went out and talked to them.” 

Beyond the Blue: David Keith, Caitlin Wachs, Paul Wesley

Michael Sellers says Quantum is always on the lookout for fresh young talented filmmakers with films that play well both in the US and international market.  They will be in Cannes with 4-6 new films including their new offbeat Canadian comedy, Who is KK Downey?

To get in touch with Quantum, call 818 255 9900 or go to

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