30 Days of Night Review - 30 Days of Night Premier and After Party

30 Days of Night is a horror film adapted from a series of cult comic books of the same name. The story takes place in Barrow, an isolated small town in Alaska where once a year, there is literally thirty straight days of night.

Josh Hartnett stars as the local sheriff who must stop a bloodthirsty gang of vampires who show up looking for dinner.

The film opens with half the town leaving before the final sunset, including Hartnett’s wife, ( Melissa George), who is leaving him. When George misses the last plane out of town, she soon realizes she has more to worry about than missing her flight.

Things get weird when a stranger, ( Ben Foster), wanders into town and announces, “They’re coming!” And they do. The vampires descend on the town and start slaughtering everything in sight.

It’s not exactly clear where they came from, but once they start their massacre, it really doesn’t matter. The action is non-stop and it’s refreshing to see vicious vampires as superhuman killing machines.

It’s a game of cat-and-mouse and the townspeople are the prey. There’s one scene where the vampires use a little girl as bait to flush the humans out of hiding. These vampires are not only scary; they’re smart!

When the few survivors left are hiding in an attic, it is eerily reminiscent
of “ The Diary of Anne Frank”. It’s the terror of knowing that if you are discovered, you will be instantly killed. Can the townspeople survive until the next dawn?

30 Days of Night is a breath of fresh air amongst all the slasher, flesh-eating zombie, splatter gore sequels that have been released lately. The heroic twist at the end of 30 Days comes as a complete surprise.

The film is directed by David Slade who began directing music videos for bands such as “Stone Temple Pilots” and “System of a Down”. 30 Days was produced by Sam Raimi and his longtime producing partner Rob Tapert ( Evil Dead Trilogy, The Grudge I & II). These guys know horror!

I give 30 Days of Night, five out of five Bloody Hearts!

Following the Premier at the Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, was an After Party at the 9,000 Square foot restaurant and Nightclub " Eden". There were free flowing cocktails, designer desserts and sumptuous gourmet cuisine prepared by resident Chef Brian Zaccharello.

I talked to Josh Hartnett briefly at the party, who said he had a great time doing the film. Josh is very familiar with the horror genre, since his very first feature film was co-starring with Jamie Lee Curtis in the remake of the classic horror film Halloween H2O.

I also talked to Producer Sam Raimi’s brother, (actor/writer/producer) Ted Raimi. Ted was in my vampire film “Fatal Kiss”, and has several upcoming projects of his own. Be sure and keep an eye out for a possible sequel to 30 Days of Night. Writer Steve Niles has one already written entitled, “Return to Barrow”.

For more information about the movie visit http://www.30daysofnight.com/.

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