Wet n Wild Beauty Presents Nikki West, Lolly and Brandi Glanville’s Brand B

Wet n Wild Beauty Presents Nikki West, Lolly Clothing and Brandi Glanville’s Brand B


Wet N Wild Beauty presents Style Rocks: A Grand Fashion Show and Event to Celebrate the Launch of Nikki West, Lolly Clothing, and Brand B by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville.


The courtyard at One Colorado, Pasadena was transformed into a small garden community village outfitted with a stage for the models to strut in the latest fashions shown that evening. The store Nikki West had its own cocktail table and tea bar-Blend 54-for guest and customers. The courtyard had a private cocktail area for invited guests and press, media, and on lookers. VIP and invited guests were greeted first with a red carpet where press and media took pictures and interviewed celebrities in attendance, asking the pertinent questions such as why they were there and what to expect on their perspective reality TV shows and upcoming movie projects. 

The fashion show event was to celebrate the grand opening of the entertainment industry’s entrepreneurial star Nicole Winnaman’s Nikki West. 60 fashion forward looks graced the runway and although not able to distinguish which designer owned which outfit, it was quite clear that the collaboration and teamwork between the three designers is what will define Nikki West.


The collections shown on the courtyard runway included LA-based and celebrity favorite Lolly Clothing by Chad Kimball, and the new dress collection Brand B, created by Brandi Glanville of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

The event was sponsored by Wet N Wild Beauty, featured models from LA Models, makeup by Wet N Wild cosmetics, hair by VIP Beauty, bartenders poured low calorie cocktails by Voli Light Vodka and food and wine by II Fornaio served by the wait staff. 

Nikki West is a trend setting boutique featuring fashion, home and beauty's latest trends from around the globe with great emphasis on "Bojo chic" styles that are not affordable and fabulous. Each Season, Nikki West will feature a limited edition collection by fashion's up and coming designers. There is also a full service tea/health bar inside the boutique, BLEND 54 to make every customer’s shopping experience fun and refreshing.


In attendance and on the red carpet were Chad Kimball of Lolly Clothing, Brandi Glanville of Brand B, Nicole Winnaman’s Nikki West, Jennifer Gimenez of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Tom Schanley from Get the Gringo, Elina Madison-horror Scream Queen, designer Thai Nguyen, and Marika Tsircou of Beverly Hills Nannies.


The stage and the fashion event were placed strategically in the courtyard making it semi-private but open for the public to observe, generating foot traffic and purchasing customers at Nikki West.

It was overall a nice event for the public to attend but exclusive enough for invited and VIP guests to see a fashion show of the hottest and latest clothing trends.


Nikki West is located in the heart of Old Pasadena , at 34 Hugus Alley - One Colorado, which gives it that picture perfect destination for little therapy, stylish eats, while sipping on one of BLEND 54’s signature iced or hot tea fusions.





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