Vibiana for Style Fashion Week, March 14- Innovative, Fashion forward design for all season

Wednesday, March 14, it was back to Vibiana for Style Fashion week where fashionistas, designers, media and hipsters gathered to see the fall/winter collections in L.A.


L’une collection projected a new future in Fashion with her installation in Vibiana’s courtyard before the show started.

Anh Vocek, photography Sandra Plazinic

The designer Anh Vocek uses materials including plastic and glass, and her work place is comprised of a ventilated space and a mask. Being fascinated with innovation and advances with fabrics and technology, she incorporated unusual materials into her collection, presenting her collection in an installation-style format.

Her fall collection was inspired by a postponed surgery and the whole concept was based on “ being cut open”

Corseting around the neck and on the sleeves illustrate the idea of strengthening different parts of the body. “What is ugly to some people is a story of survival,” she explained.


Bustiers were made from plastic, metal and glass and others from latex with a rubber coating. She created oversize sequins using different chemicals combined with reflective glass and shoulder pieces and body structures from boning. A sea urchin- like collar was made from 2.000 black zip ties, and bracelets were made from 400 of plastic strips. The pieces accent dresses, jackets and skirts made from jersey fabrics for stretch and comfort. Other fabrics included a hand-dyed, coated silk made a into a voluminous red dress.

The show started after anxious delay with vintage inspired men’s wear called Madison Park Collective. Raw sophisticated styled fashion with everyday functionality strode over the runway with Models allowing for a rugged but yet refined look. There was colorful stripes, casual salvaged denims, leather jackets, Jersey tops, combined with scarves made out of exceptional fabrics, some pieces reclaiming the military canvas, others recycling cottons. There was also exquisite cashmere, creating garments that not only look good but also looked comfortable as well.

Madison Park Collective, photography Sandra Plazinic

 Next was Skingraft by far the most superior line of the evening.

Models wearing subtle earth tones, longer sweaters combined with belts and tight pants that looked like leggings made even the Paparazzi blush. Innovative also the leather Jackets in black and the long flowing skirts and wool jackets in black or grey on top, gave the whole line as usual a very futuristic and aerodynamic look.

Skingraft, Photography of Winston Burris.

Making the models wear interesting headpieces and masks made this line look even more fashion forward.


A strong finish made Mila Hermanovski’s (project runway’s season 7 finalist) with her ultra feminine, traditional but still more modern line MILA. Mila’s distinctive style features her signature play-on-proportion and a distinguished modern point-of-view — yet her garments seem quite wearable. One of my favorite things about Mila was the construction of her leggings! Her use of cut-out details elevate a simple pair of leggings to an extraordinary work of art that is easy to imagine on anyone from the likes of Rihanna to Angelina Jolie.

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