The Rahate Collection Review - Style, Class and Comfort Create a Woman's Dream Gown Line

When I first read the description of Shekhar Rahate Couture's upcoming fashion show containing words like exotic fabrics, intricate details and ornate colors, I envisioned models awkwardly strutting down the catwalk wearing clothes that were totally impossible for real life. I'm not a big fan of unusual designs, and fabrics when it comes to fashion because most of the time, they're completely unwearable pieces. Shekhar Rahate is truly an artistic master when it comes to combining these elements to make real-life pieces that make a beautiful yet bold statement.

Combines Color, Texture and Unique Fabrics

If you happened to catch an episode or two of NBC's reality show Fashion Star, the contestants prove we're all capable of artistic expression, however it's clear not everyone is gifted in that area. When you've got it, you've got it and Shekhar Rahate has definitely got it. I was in awe of his ability to combine seemingly incompatible elements to create a visual masterpiece. He matches and blends opposing fabrics, colors and details but the magic is his ability to marry those elements to create a smooth, flowing piece that brings all the elements into perfect harmony with each other.

Award-Winning Designer, Shekhar Rahate

LA Fashion Week

There's a real sense of class with his garments as well. When many designers attempt to combine odd elements, they just end up creating an awkward or frumpy pieces that look more like weapons of destruction than a fashion item. Not so with this couture line. It's rare to find elegance combined with bold designs, colors and textures but this designer has mastered the art.

The Rahate Collection

Each of the pieces in The Rahate Collection were completely wearable and beautiful. I would wear all the gowns displayed, which is a rarity for this fussy fashionista. Shekhar Rahate is certainly a must-watch designer if you want a classy gown that makes a statement. One of my favorite things about this collection is the use of color and pattern. I'm all about color, always pairing things like that little black dress with an accessory of some kind containing a burst of color and/or pattern. With Rahate's designs, there's no need to even accessorize because the piece stands all on it's own.

Rahate says his fashion goals are to accentuate a women's silhouette while allowing her to move with comfort and grace. Mission accomplished. The models looked completely at ease, comfortable and confident in his designs. Who knew comfortable clothing could look this good? No pain no gain in the realm of beauty and fashion doesn't fit the description of this couture line.

Style and Class Meet Comfort

From what I saw of this collection, I'm curious to have a peek around his showroom on Sunset Blvd to see more. If you're a practical woman like me, these gowns are a must-have if you need to get glam but don't want to suffer for the sake of beauty.

As an Award-winning designer, Rahate has more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry and received his training at the Dubai Beams International Fashion School. His runway shows have crossed the fashion globe from Los Angeles to San Francisco to New York City, as well as overseas to Germany, Switzerland, India and France.

(Photo Credit: Roman Angel Marquez)

Gowns for the Real Woman


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