The Byblos Collection Review - The Isabelle Blow effect!

For Spring – Summer 2012 antithesis and contrasts are the main elements of the collection. For this collection the creative director of Byblos was inspired by the most iconic figure of the 90s, Isabelle Blow, a romantic and yet cold woman with a great effect on many aspects of art and fashion.


As Isabelle said, «fashion overdoes things to make them more beautiful». Her more intimate and delicate look, was translated in this collection into soft fabrics and laces but with a very clear and cold cut. The show opposes her two different souls – the scabrous soul, precise, cold, impetuous, geometrical, defending, and – the most intimate and consealed neo romantic soul that comes alive through flowing fabrics, light colors and sensationally technical shaped jackets.


 For this season, in the main tent of Milan’s fashion week, the main colors that prevail are black, white, cream, moca, and as acsents, mustard, red and grey are mostly used. The long aerial dresses, the structured pants, the spacey shorts and the lasered lace, inlay a flavor of futuristic sense styles on the catwalk. Shaping the body with light silhuettes and beautifully structured capes, brings out the true DNA of Byblos, a brand that has made a major comeback during the last seasons.


«I don’t follow trends, I follow instincts» said I.Blow - in the jacquard interpretation prints, placed organically on the item. And at the same time, the artistically created high-heels with the heel put in the center of the shoe, are a tribute to it! A tribute to Byblos! A tribute to her!

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