The Accessories Show - Practical Chic

The Accessories Show at New York’s Javits Center redefined 21st century femininity.  With its emphasis on chic practicality, the show emphasized that accessories are tools to help women through daily life.  This new form of functional chic is a trend that is here to stay.

Gad's model

Gad’s “retro practical” collection suits the urban woman and allows her to brave the downpour in style.  Designer, Joyce Burkholder, cited her mother’s rain boots as inspiration for her line of colorful Galoshes.  These updated pull-on boots protect fragile footwear without the bulk of traditional rain boots.  In addition to footwear, Burkholder also has a line of oilcloth handbags.  She takes this durable fabric, most commonly used on outdoor furniture, and uses it to make cute and sturdy Gadabout Bags. Burkholder also has a line of cross-body e-Gads Bags perfectly sized for tablets and e-readers.  She views her collections as “[accessory] options to make life easier”.  These fun and useful all-weather items are sure to brighten any rainy day commute.

Joyce Burkholder (Designer) poses with her friend and business partner, Marci Settle

 While they might not do as well in the rain as Gad’s bags, Handbag Butler’s line of MightyPurses are ideal to toss inside a roomier tote. MightyPurses are a revolutionary line of purses that address the needs of tech-savvy travelers. A clean exterior, of genuine goat and calfskin leather hides a fully rechargeable battery with USB cable to charge a variety of smart devices. Commuters might shy away from the additional weight that comes with this innovative function but most will agree that a few extra hours of battery life is worth the added ounces.  

Hndbag Butler's MightyPurse

 For those who prefer to keep technology more compartmentalized, PurseN’s roomy totes fit the bill.  These easy to clean and lightweight bags have enough pockets to separate and organize even the messiest handbag. This unique line of travel items includes a popular Tiara Weekender Jewelry Case for storing jewelry on the go.  Other best sellers include their large totes and beach bags that double as carry-ons and weekenders. PurseN marries the functionality of wipe-down materials with fun and funky patterns to suit every traveler’s tastes.  Their most recent addition is a bathing suit holder designed to keep wet swimsuits separate from other items.  With a variety of eye-catching designs and a focus on functionality, PurseN’s collection will address the needs of frequent flyers and weekend trippers.

PurseN's colorful display

 Travlers have all experienced the dread of forgetting essentials.  Pinch Provisions’ line of Minimerhency Kits addresses everyday needs in adorable packages.  They are debuting their first ever limited edition line of Chameleon Minimergency Kits with striking serpentine patterns. Each zippered kit includes an assortment of items to stave off mishaps.  Popular kits hold seventeen life-saving items, including dental floss, hairspray, earring backs, and clear nail polish. While a Mimiergnecy kit includes a general assortment of products, Pinch Provisions also makes themed kits.  Their College Survival Kit and Bridetastic Kits help women to be prepared in stressful situations.  Although they might not qualify as accessories in the traditional sense, Pinch Provisions’ collection of kits should be a handbag essentials.

Pinch Provisions' Minimergency Kits

These practical and stylish items are a far cry from the multiple strand of pearls and delicate beaded clutches of bygone eras.  The latest collections of accessories show that femininity and functionality can come together with very stylish results. The modern woman is able to stride through the challenges life throws at her with aplomb and grace.  Practical is now chic. 

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