Swing, Sing & Shine with Swarovski in Athens!


Swing, Sing & Shine!


At the most post-modern boutique hotel in Athens, Semiramis, which is designed by my favorite industrial designer Karim Rashid, Swarovski Hellas decided to present the Spring Summer 2012 collection!


The SS12 jewelry collection by Swarovski, is focused on vintage style, cameras, lights and people who live to entertain others but above all, people who live to entertain themselves!


Nathlie Colin, the Creative Director of the brand, through her designs, tells us about a story of a multi-talented young woman, and follows her, as she evolves from a student to a starlet, accustomed to fame and light! At Semiramis, the background is full of pastels, beautiful floral touches, and classic motives of the 60’s, an era where our muse, the main character of the concept takes part in a casting for an American happy musical, concentrated in the «Sweet Sixties» and «In the Spotlight».


Fun, candies, attractive atmosphere. Dancing people, sparkling jewelry, beautiful stones in pink, black, purple, raspberry, cherry and chains. The «Round Sphere» necklace shines while the crystal metallic light gold rock is playfully hanging. The «Rapture» futuristic ring bedazzles us with the light Azore moonlight crystal. While the «Raspberry Lips» bracelet makes a statement, due to the small kisses that are all around it and the fuchsia,rose and vintage rose crystals.


The Hello Kitty collection stands on it's own and is very pretty, as well. The cute little pendants and the funny but beautifully crafted wallets give the younger crowd a nice alternative. The sunglasses, something relatively new for the brand, decorate elegantly the face of all potential buyers and lovers of them. Last but not least, the mens collection, focused on black and skulls, defines a more modern and bold approach to life.

During the last scene, our main character, the dancing queen, wearing the «Raphaela» pendant gets crowned as the absolute future star! A star of Swarovski and a star of her world, swinging, singing & shining!

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