Spring 2012

Don’t know what to wear for the spring and summer? Here are some trends forming that you should take a note of....


Chanel Spring 2012

Chanel’s Spring 2012 collection is filled with shoulder pads, ankle boots, and boyish figures. The idea of being youthfully feminine whilst powerfully masculine is a concept seen throughout Chanel's latest collection. Wearing outfits that make you seem and feel powerful are very much in this spring. Blazers are an ongoing trend that have not yet failed; reaching their peak in fashion this season. The colors maintain soft palettes in shades of pastel, however; they do not have the recursory form-fitting manner to traditional forms.


Fendi Spring 2012

Fendi’s collection is filled with blazers and suits. These robustly powerful clothes are continuously seen throughout the spring trending. Fendi’s collection shows beaucoup de stripes in the garments. Fur, which may be a new trend of animalistic appearances being back in. The last big trend that Fendi shows in the collection is a lot of various geometry-like shapes in the clothing.


Chloe Spring 2012

Chloe’s collection for the spring of 2012 is filled with flowy outfits and hip belts. Even Chloe’s collection is not form-fitting to the body, so I believe we will be seeing a lot of boxy geometrical looks on outfits this spring. This is one of the few designers that used hip belts instead of waist belts so there could be a change in trend soon.


Versace Spring 2012

Versace’s spring 2012 collection has a lot of prints, studs, and blazers. The collection has studs on the majority of the clothing giving the elegance an edgy feel. The prints are the expected floral look for the spring season, but once again have an edgy outlook on the flowers. Versace is bringing the old fashioned stomach-showing look above the belly button. High wasted shorts are back in as well and will stay in throughout the spring season. Versace also keeps the Goddess look in this season.


Vera Wang Spring 2012

Vera Wang’s collection for spring 2012 includes a lot of jump suits with shorts and pants. So jumpers are expected to stay in throughout the next season. Prints are shown on a lot of Vera Wang’s collection as well similar to Versace’s. Vera Wang keeps the Goddess look throughout her collection as well.

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