Monique Lhuillier Fall 2013 Collection Review - The Glamour of Mother Nature

Monique Lhuillier never ceases to amaze as she showcases her designs each season at Lincoln Center and this year was no different. The Fall 2013 Collection was all about opulence and drama for the designer. Inspired by the art deco era, rich jewel tones and the inherent beauty of Mother Nature the collection was a modern interpretation of what real glamour should be.


Malachite not only decked out the runway but also the gowns

With the Great Gatsby movie coming to theatres soon, this collection will certainly be scooped up by many a fans trying to emulate the look of the flappers of the early 1900s. Drop waisted swing dresses adorned with copper paillettes and fringed dresses sauntered down the runway as if they were made for Daisy Buchanan. The intricately beaded dresses in art deco motifs were incredibly sexy with a sheer overlay atop nude creating an optical illusion of nakedness. The fringe, beads, feathers and silhouettes all combined to create the ultimate glamour associated with the Great Gatsby era.


Daisy Buchanan inspired dresses sauntered down the runway adorned with beads, fringe and feathers

Mother Nature came to the runway in unexpected places. The backdrop of the runway as well as the runway itself was decked out in a malachite motif sending visions of emerald dresses through everyone’s heads. The beauty of gem stones inspired the colors behind the richly hued gowns from ruby red to amethyst purple. Inspired by the intricacy and beauty of spider webs, Monique Lhuillier beaded the spider webs onto the gowns creating elaborate illusions. Abstract prints inspired by the patterns of butterfly wings made up gorgeous pant suits and matching coats. Using words like bone, amethyst, malachite and oxblood to describe her collection the designer let everyone know that the beauty of Mother Nature inspired the essence of her collection.

Intricate details adorned each of the looks


The emphasis on color was intrinsic to the story of this collection as it went from all white to green, black, gold and red. The dresses faded into one another as ombre was a huge trend down the runway. Furs were even ombre fading from white to black or green to black. The designer told the story of glamour and opulence using color to separate each story from the next.

The designer separated her designs into groups based on colors using ombre as a transition between the groups


One thing is for sure, Monique Lhuillier certainly has a flair for the dramatic. Not a piece from the collection went untouched by all of the frilly details. Lace, feathers, beads, paillettes and gem stones were all woven together to create the ultimate spider web. Creating new silhouettes for evening and using the creativity brought about from Mother Nature, the Fall 2013 Collection by Monique Lhuillier will certainly be a highlight for all glamourous events.



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