MISSONI Collection SS12 Review – Sunrise Birds at the Donna Estate

A Donna full of passion.  Flowing silhuettes. A Donna that loves to dance! Swinging fringes and light floating ruffles combined with asymetric and mischievious revealing constructions, that captivate everybody’s attention. This is the Missoni Donna of the Estate!


The Spring/Summer 2012 Missoni woman is a coquette, who adores partying, dancing, sensing all that happens around her, going to bed early in the morning and living her life to the fullest in her favorite dresses! Carpe Diem is her mode! Free spirited, charmingly spontaneious and funny! Loves all the vibrant colors that make her happy. Yellow, ultramarine blue, orange, turquoise, coral and cocoa prevail all others. She is like a sunrise bird. Her transparent knits well combined with light organzines, bold colors, jungle motives, tribal prints and patchworks of raschel lace.


This woman, wears the dress – the dress «doesn’t wear her»! She makes it her own part, naturally, endlessly – without any doubts of who belongs to who. Everybody belongs to whoever they choose but most importantly, to themselves. The necklines are deep and rectangular, therefore shawls are used around the neck to hide the bare skin.


The accessories, earings and necklaces, are bold, full of long colorful fringes, charms and big chains, with playful gadgets that make a statement. The bags are flat, round and raffled, and with the company of the charming fans, they could be totally used to cool down the party night. The shoes are colorful, strapy and playful, decorated with plastic flowers in bright colors. The heels are high, constructed of plexiglass to enhance the womans’ sensual walk.  The air around the whole image smells tropical climate and tastes fruity. This is the Donna of the Estate – the Missoni woman!




See more at their website http://www.missoni.com/  

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