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Miss Universe 2011 Pageant Awards First Place in National Costume Category to Panamanian Dress, also the Winner in The Miss Panama 2011 Pageant

By Yusfia Jimenez

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Inspired by an ancient legend, the Panamanian dress won first place in the National Costume category at Miss Universe 2011 pageant and first place in Miss Panama 2011 pageant.


Panama City, Panama, September 13, 2011  –  Panama showed the world its rich culture and tradition, as well as its current creative and avant-garde designs, through the spectacular costume worn by the new Miss Panama – which was the first place winner in the Best National Costume category at Miss Universe 2011, which took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this past September 12.

Panama is a melting pot of cultures; a bridge between two continents that, today is one of the most modern Latin American countries. Panama offers visitors a lush biodiversity, first class hotels, local and international cuisine, and world-class entertainment that one can expect of a city with such a rich history and culture; all of which has been reflected in its traditions and costumes and was showcased in the costume worn by Sheldry Saez.



The dress wore by the Panamanian representative, Saez, is an example of the passion, color and exuberance that characterizes the country. The dress was made by the Panamanian designer Sandoya Moses; who was inspired by an ancient legend "El Cacique Paris, deidad indígena y el Gran Tesoro de Quema" (El Cacique Paris, and the Great Indian deity Burning Treasury). While the gold threads masterfully interwoven plays on the technique used by ancient Indians, the headdress was based on the emblematic gold pendant of a pelican in flight from the region of Cocle and has three pairs of combs, as worn by the Indians to decorate their hair.  Completing the outfit, a headband and earrings were made from plates of polished metal, embossed and decorated with acrylic- enamel as well as rooster and Mongolian pheasant feathers.

The varieties of costumes and dress that can be found in Panama speak of the country's versatile history and rich past. Besides the gorgeous winning costume, Panamanians have a range of customary outfits with variations according to region.

The typical dress from Panama is known as "la pollera." Although a different style from what was seen at Miss Universe 2011, this simple but very feminine dress is reminiscent of the colonial influences. Composed primarily of two separate pieces, a shirt and skirt, it is made of fine cloth and decorated with delicate handwork in multiple colors.

Panama is a tourism destination that offers visitors a complete experience, from its most traditional aspects like "la pollera” and meeting the indigenous groups that still thrive in the country, to beaches and tropical islands, to the best clothing brands in the most modern shopping malls, international cuisine and world-class entertainment.

Thanks to the golden costume wore by Miss Panama, world travelers got a taste of the beauty that this attractive destination has to offer.




Photo Credit: Jorge Duarte

Published on Oct 01, 2011

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