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Michael Kors Spring 2013 Collection Review - Mod in the Mediterranean

By Laura Cochran

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The Michael Kors Spring 2013 show took us on a breathtaking sartorial cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. The collection featured bright primary colors captured from nature, bold nautical stripes and gold hardware accents. The shapes were clean and simple, reminiscent of the mod 1960’s era with bold color blocking and exposed zippers for sexy minimalism. He did what he does best, made clothes that make you feel good.


Bright primary colors decorated clothes, accessories and shoes

Bright colors were seen throughout the collection on clothing, accessories and even shoes. The designer portrayed the bright yellow sun shining down on the runway while the models wore modern sunglasses with gold hardware reflecting the rays. Mr. Kors painted visions of lush isles bursting out of the sea using vivid blues and greens. Fluffy clouds of white fabric floated down the runway with sequin embellishment making the light reflect off into the crowd. A cloud printed dress followed by an underwater patterned suit portrayed the views from the ship. As each model sauntered down the runway, you were given another detail to add to your mental painting. The ocean, landscape, sky and sun all could be seen in the beautiful colors of the clothes.


Prints portraying the sky and water were breathtaking

Stripes were seen all over the runways for this spring and the Michael Kors show didn’t miss out. Models dressed like sailors manned the vessel with stripes in alternating colors of black and white, green and blue, and red and yellow. The designer opted for a new spin on the trend and doubled up the stripes in alternating widths for a playful effect.

Bold nautical stripes are a huge trend for this spring

Finally, the show ended on a glamorous note outfitting what seemed to be the guests on the Mediterranean cruise. Posh black and white houndstooth suits and fitted black gowns with cutouts would surely outfit the posh guests lounging on the yacht’s deck for dinner.  All the looks sat high atop more gold hardware-trimmed toes with Lucite heels as clear as the Mediterranean.


All in all, it will surely be a perfect wardrobe for the jet set heading out for their spring and summer vacations in 2013.  Look for geometric patterns, bold colors and lots of stripes with gold hardware all over the yacht club near you this coming summer.


For more pictures from the Michael Kors Spring 2013 Collection and to shop the collection visit the Michael Kors website

Published on Jan 26, 2013

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