Malan Breton Spring Summer Collection 2017 Review – SANXIANTAI: A Natural Inspiration


The magic is palpable. Malan Breton is here.



The setting is the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City during New York Fashion Week. But the real location is Taiwan where the inspiration for Malan Breton’s Spring Summer 2017 collection is SANXIANTAI. A place of fluttering Magellan butterflies, golden sunrises, indigenous tribes, Hakka flowers, and flowing mystical waters. Combine all these elements and you get an explosion of glory.  In a stunning new collection. Malan has come home. To Taiwan. From Taiwan. And shares his love of place and heritage with us all.



The show is structured in Three Acts. The story of Malan’s visit to SanXianTai where he drew his natural inspiration from the locale of his own private Brigadoon. A la Malan.


The exotic abounds.


Opening with the beautiful dancers of Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company performing a luscious duet adorned in Malan’s soft, natural designs that flow along with the choreography. A bamboo pole as a third partner hints at water culture as a starting point, seamlessly integrating a calligraphic style within the setting of Malan’s San Xian Tai. I have always dreamed of connecting the dance and fashion worlds more intricately and Malan is front and center at the forefront of this venture.



Full disclosure – I am a big fan of Malan Breton. Yes I am. Fell in love with him and his designs over the past couple of years. Malan dreams big. And takes us with him. He brings an honest integrity and genuine “fashion passion” to the world!



Before the show I was in the lobby and there he was. Malan. Behind the scenes. Connecting with his staff and keeping a calm demeanor of pure focus. I leaned over and said a personal hello. He looked up and took the time to listen and acknowledge and express gratitude. What a gem. And we are talking minutes before the show start time.



Malan floats gently above it all.



Apparently I am in good company. The show featured several celebrities rocking the runway as a testament of their friendship with Malan. We are talking show opener Frankie J. Grande strutting his stuff, Consuelo Venderbilt Costin honoring the audience with her exuberant presence, Madmen’s Bryan Batt exuding his shine, Tituss Burgess glittering gracefully, and NeNe Leakes happily bringing it all together at the culmination the show.





And did I mention New York City Ballet dancer Georgina Pazcoguin’s elegant positioning and majestic moves a la Malan?


We are talking Taiko drummers. Dancers. Actors. Superstars. The common link being their love of Malan.



And now to the collection. It shines. Malan’s trademark ingredient.





Exotic patterns and enticing colors swirl on shimmering fabrics with flowing fringes. I am a fan of the shawl. And I am in heaven…or shall I say SANXIANTAI?!


Returning to his home country of Taiwan for inspiration, Malan captures the natural beauty and indigenous cultural landscape of its people in his magnificent Spring/Summer 2017 collection. In “discovering” SANXIANTAI, Malan met with the Amis tribe on the east coast of Taiwan, dined with the Lanyu tribe on Orchid Island, and soaked in the sunrises along the way. These personal experiences in stunning surroundings created the base for Malan to design his newest magnificence and share it lovingly with all privy to witness his “shine.”


Malan sets his Spring/Summer 2017 collection dramatically in three acts featuring 70 distinct designs.


Act One - introduces SanXianTai. In partnership with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Malan spent time on location and translates his inspiration into designs that display an “east meets west beauty of a golden sunrise.” We are also talking Magellan butterflies. Hakka flower patterns. Yes we are. Paradise.


Act Two – continues the journey on Orchid Island with the Lanyu tribe. Malan offers us his “athleisure” – athletics and leisure. An island setting. Sun. Beauty. Fun. A “Take it with you!” attitude. And I am ready to do just that.


Act Three – brings us to nighttime on Orchid Island with silks, denims, and beadwork. An alluring burst of fashion. The ultimate in celebrity. And Malan’s friends in the biz do a remarkable job of bringing it to the runway in style. It was a beautiful cast – mixed and exotic like the fabrics.



The show was epic. SANXIANTAI is now on the map.  


I would expect nothing less.


You did it Malan Breton. You are a natural inspiration.











Malan Breton


Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin


Michela Rigucci


Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company


New York City Ballet


Frankie J. Grande



Georgina Pazcoguin




NeNe Leakes










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