PART ONE: Magic Plus 2015 - My Favorite Things and Must Haves from the Spring 2016 Fashion Trade Shows

Twice annually, fashion, accessory, footwear, swim and intimate apparel brands from across the globe assemble in Las Vegas, Nevada for the largest collection of trade shows in the fashion industry.  Divided into three central locations- the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the Sands Expo, to say that there is a tremendous amount of ground to cover in a very short period of time is an understatement. In my three days of walking thirteen of the seventeen available marketplaces, I clocked a little over seventeen and a half miles, logged in by the Health app on my IPhone 6+MAGICONLINE- lists the large group of Las Vegas trade shows under the their umbrella, there are the cool indie off shoot shows like Liberty Fairs, Agenda and Capsule, as well as Accessories the Show, MRket, etc.  Fo the sake of this article, I will refer to the trade shows as a whole as Magic Plus 2015.

Here is PART ONE of my Top 10 list for this season’s Magic Plus 2015.



  1. Tarina Tarantino’s signature “girlie punk” design aesthetic was showcased within her fun and flirty hair jewelry.
  2. Crescent moon, star, sea shell, feather and crystal adorned hair accessories by Pluie Japan. 


At Magic Plus 2015, your days are filled with discovering your next favorite designer and your nights are dedicated to a seemingly endless amount of party hopping.  Many of the biggest fashion labels in the industry utilize Magic Plus 2015 not only to showcase their wares, but as a platform to one up their competitors by throwing incredibly elaborate events, usually hosted by a Kardashian or some rap artist of note.  Years ago, I would hit as many parties as I possibly could before falling down in a drunken stupor from way too many hosted bar signature cocktails.  These days, I only attend a few choice events, and these two in particular showcased incredibly intricate sculptural event centerpieces.


  1. The Zappos Vendor Appreciation Event.

Each August, throws the biggest and most coveted event in town to show their appreciation for the hundreds of vendors who consistently contribute to the success of the online retail giant.  This year, guests were shuttled from Las Vegas to Henderson where Zappos took over the Cowabunga Bay water park for a Hawaiian themed, wet and wild extravaganza.  Invitations to this party were highly sought after, and if you were not one of their vendors, you would, most likely, not receive your golden ticket to attend.  Though a friend and neighbor, I was welcomed by Derek Flores, a Zappos buyer, who kindly acted as my wing man, introducing me to fellow key team members within the company- Thanks again for the hospitality, Derek!!  The event was huge, and there were tons of fun things to do and see, but one of the most impressive sites was a massive sand sculpture which must have taken countless hours to execute.  The Zappos party, year after year is by far my favorite party during Magic and I’ll be for sure hitting you up again next year for my invite, Derek!

        2.  The Project Show Party

Held at Red Square Restaurant and Lounge at Mandalay Bay, The Project Las Vegas event was co-hosted by The Park Showroom and Matiere Menswear.  With a complementary Belvedere Vodka bar and a DJ spinning the latest club mixes, it was definitely one of the key industry parties to attend of the week.  Red Square features a frozen ice bar and vodka vault, and inside the vault was an enormous and intricately carved ice vodka luge, where party guests chilled their vodka before doing shots. I must admit, I tried out that luge more than once, until I left with friends to hit the next scheduled VIP fashion event. Vegas baby…VEGAS!



Being a child of the 1970’s, I have always been a die-hard Star Wars Fan; the original three mind you and not the more recent Jar Jar Binks ridden prequels I choose to ignore.  I have been following Han Cholo for some time now and actually acted as the brand’s sales rep many years ago when I still had a wholesale showroom.  Designer Brandon Schoolhouse has featured the iconic Star Wars symbols and characters within his jewelry collections for as long as I have been following the brand, so it was fun to see his pendants on display at The Park Showroom booth at Project. 



Magic Plus 2015 is well known for their incredibly elaborate booth build outs.  Since the majority of a brand’s sales are conducted at the bi-annual shows, many labels spend a significant amount of their annual marketing budgets to create larger than life atmospheres, reflecting their specific brand DNA.  There were many cool booths that I saw this season, but the award for Best Booth goes to Odd Sox. Odd Sox, I assume, garnered the licenses for countless major food and beverage brands in order to produce their photo realistic branded sox.  As their licenses are their “bread and butter”, so to speak, they built out a colorful mini grocery store, stocking the products that coincide with their sox.  It was very clever and drew in the passerby who may not have considered buying socks for their store.



I love this particular shape of eyewear. It looks great on my face and I actually wear a modified version of “Cat Eyes” with my prescription on a daily basis – My particular glasses are Sire’s Crown style Marilyn, but below are some FABULOUS Cat Eye frames I found at this season’s shows.


Please read PART 2 of this place for #5 to #1 of my list! 

Tracie May-Wagner is a Los Angeles based fashion publicist and influencer. 

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