Lloyd Klein Fall 2010 Collection Review - Classic Sophisication for the Woman of Luxury at LA Fashion Week

The Crowd Fights to get Close to Lloyd Klein Editorial Presentation

Lloyd Klein Couture presents his idea this season focusing in on the serious business woman of luxurious style that will turn the head of any man as she waltz down the street on top of the world. He dresses the celebrity to the working woman to the rich star-studded club trotter that wants every one to see her as her own glamorized style that anyone else in the room neglects to compete with. His idea of couture was influence this Spring 2010 season by the sculptural expressionism mirrored by Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier known as a French painter urbanist, painter, and architect, famed by his concept of Modern Architecture and International Style. He visualized a futuristic plan of modern high design to diffuse the over-crowded Metropolis cities. His rising dissatisfaction of traditional Capitalism turned his attention to syndicalism. His visibility of the human form was present in his intention to calculate the proportions of the human anatomy to improve the appearance and function of architecture. Le Corbusier's use of the Golden Ratio in human proportions is exhibited to an extreme measure by sectioning the human body's height at the base of the navel in two section to complete the Golden ratio, then divided at the knees and throat encompassing the golden ratio in the Modular system. Le Corbusier inflicted the Golden Rule in his Modular System for the scale of Architectural Measurements balance. Lloyd Klein mirrored this theory in his presentation of evening wear of a Classic Merlot flowing gown from low bust to floor, separating the navel area with a Kimono sash matching in color to create sectional balance to her lengthy torso, a philosophy of meticulously calculated scale of human proportions throughout his collection.

A Gray Jumpsuit for the Upper-Class Woman of Luxury

Lloyd Klein rebels against the presentation of the variations in the design of the classic pant, replaces the idea with the jumpsuit perfect for warm winter days in Los Angeles. His style is proportioned, modern, dominant, and meticulous. He uses a palette of rich dark, but bold colors to ads a more up-scale mystique to his idea of beige, merlot, navy blue, gray, and a variation of different tones of precious jewels to signify his concept of wealth.

He emphasizes the idea for the return of the 1980's style jumpsuit that relays a defined style of gray flannel of solid prints strong with sharp cuts that will intimate her competitor. His second look presented a double faced taupe cashmere tufted jacket with symmetrical embroidery inspiring for the Winter Solstice.

Gold Accessories Signify Wealth and Refinement

By sunset, she is ready throw aside the business look and slip into something more intriguing for her playful, classic side of femininity. The double faced gray cashmere signify wealth and power accented with a strapless cocktail gown that has visibility to be noticed amongst her peers, but does not intimidate the oh so stylish fashionista starring her up and down with envy. Lloyd Klein evening wear was a bolt of lightening twist to his already evolved experienced well-defined style. He brands his models with a magnifying eloquence in a dual toned, gunmetal, charmeuse gown low cut over her breast and accessorized with a kimono sash to create balance and accentuation to her mid-drift. The sash completed the look by drawing immediate attention to the slimming waist affect adding a slight lift to her bust area, every woman's dream of accentuating her natural curvature as if effortlessly.

The Goddess of Waterfall being his theme for the next stunning look. She exuded confidence and classic old-fashioned natural beauty in this Merlot silk chiffon dress with perfectly placed pin pleats that aired of refined riches, a bottle of chardonnay and strawberries for when she gets out of the limo to stun everyone with her unmatched presence.

The Classic Evening Gown in Merlot Chiffon

Lloyd Klein couture delivers an unsurpassed promise to that old-fashioned mystique sensibility in the balance of the human form pushing towards a perfection that has been lost in modern trendy funky fashion. He reinvents the idea of classic romanticism that only Gone with Wind type movies can articulate, an unspoken communication of silent passion in the flowing nights of the French Rivera. His Spring Collection 2010 is timeless, passionate, and unpredictably inspirational, awaiting the moment to be seen on the Elite Runways of Paris Fashion week.

For more information about Lloyd Klein Couture, please visit http://lloydklein.com/

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